ABT’s Audi RS3 Sportback Is A 500PS Monster-Hatch

ABT Sportsline believes that the stock Audi RS3 Sportback, with its 400PS (395hp) 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbocharged engine, needs some improvement.

As a result, they fitted the mill with their own engine control unit, which bumps the total output to 500PS (493hp); that’s 40PS (39hp) more than their previous upgrade.

The tuner doesn’t say anything about the hatchback’s new 0-100km/h (62mph) sprint time, but the stock model needs 4.1sec, and it will keep going up to 250km/h (155mph), or 280km/h (174mph) when specified with the optional Dynamic Plus package.

Stopping power comes from the revised braking system with 380mm discs, and ABT claims that they have improved its cornering thanks to the new suspension springs, anti-roll bars, and damper setup made in cooperation with KW.

Discreet exterior upgrades such as the front skirt add-on, tweaked grille, and rear diffuser set the car apart furthermore, whereas the new exhaust system with double 102mm pipes in matte black is said to provide “brilliant sound and looks” – while the 19- or 20-inch rim sets round up the changes on the outside.

Open the door and you will see the ABT integrated entrance lights, new seat trim with the tuner’s logo embroidered into the front headrests, various carbon upgrades, special ignition button, and gearshift lever.


  • Bash

    “special ignition button” how special it can be in order for it to be listed in the carbon upgrades list?

  • Infinite1

    Good looking and awesome performance

  • Craig

    It looks a lot like the new Hyundai i30N. In fact – I’d to see how they compare.

    • TheHake

      Uhm… are you serious? 500hp vs 275…

      • Craig

        I’m dead serious. Would you laugh off a comparison between a Challenger Hellcat and the Audi RS3 because the Hellcat has 214 more hp?

        • TheHake

          The hellcat will obliterate the RS3 in a straight line.

          • Craig

            But a ‘straight line’ isn’t the only things cars can do.

          • Vassilis

            The RS3 probably corners better as well because of 4WD and wider tyres. Hyper hatches are usually a level above hot hatches.

          • Craig

            I think it would be fun to find out for sure!

          • Zandit75

            It’s the only thing the Hellcat can do!!

          • TheHake

            The RS3 will eat the N around a circuit.

          • Craig

            How do you know that?

          • TheHake

            Logic says.

  • When you own a fast car and thought “hmm, needs extra power”

    • TheHake

      That’s only ALWAYS!

  • Vassilis

    No doubt it’s effing quick but you don’t put four round tailpipes on an RS! It’s an oval exhaust type of car!

  • Balcis

    I’d like to see it on the track, other than that.. meh..