Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Is Still Gorgeous A Decade Later

Alfa Romeo is back making compelling products again, and glad we are for it – especially now that they’re being sold again in the United States. But with apologies to the Giulia and Stelvio, this (to our eyes) remains the most beautiful modern Alfa made.

It’s an 8C Competizione – one of just 500 such coupes made, and it’s coming up for auction.

Based on a hodgepodge of Maserati and Ferrari components and coated in curvaceous carbon-fiber bodywork, the 8C was (to many) the first and last proper Alfa sports car, carrying with it decades of the marque’s heritage and leaving a long shadow behind it.

It packed a 4.7-liter V8 up front, driving the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox (which probably should, in retrospect, have been left as a manual). It may not have been the top performer of its day, much less by today’s standards, but it was gorgeous. Drop-dead gorgeous. Just look at these images (by Lukas Laurikietis for RM Sotheby’s).

Alfa Romeo only made 500 coupes and another 500 Spider roadsters between 2007 and 2010, its mantle assumed only in part by the nimble but lower-end 4C that followed. That’s left them as hot commodities, and are only bound to appreciate even further with age.

This example was delivered new in classic red over black in the spring of 2009 to its owner in Germany, who has since put less than 5,000 miles on it. No wonder RM Sotheby’s expects it to sell for €200-250,000 (~$240-300k), or about the price of a new Ferrari 488 GTB, at its Retromobile sale in Paris come February.

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  • roy

    This is truly beautiful

  • Finkployd

    Ages so well

    • alexxx

      Doesn’t age at all🙂

  • Kannag Don Amenra

    Mobile art, quite literally.

  • Michelin

    For me a lot of Alfas ages very well.
    You can see Brera, Spyder, GT, Duetto, Giulia GT, Montreal, etc.
    20-40 years later they are still beautiful.
    And their mechanics have not reliability weack ….against stereotyps !!!

    • thunder bolt

      Brera and Montreal, but not so sure about the rest.

  • The price has remained relatively calm with V8 Ferrari climbing like crazy. So this can be a bargain, it may not be fast nor comfortable but the design is timeless.

    Also now there is gotta be less than 500 coupes, a lot of them has been turn into carrozzeria cars (Disco Volante, TZ3 Corsa to name a few)

  • CarCzarDesigner

    ” …this remains the most beautiful modern Alfa made.”

    Sorry. That honor goes to the 1967-1969 Tipo 33 Stradale. Even though this is design is actually over 51 years old now, it is still considered “modern”.

    • I think the article still right honestly, 51 years old is not “modern”.

      • CarCzarDesigner

        It is still contemporary & its styling is still relevant, therefore it is still modern.

        • The styling is relevant but 50 year old car doesn’t qualify as contemporary.

          From Merriam Webster

          “happening, existing, living, or coming into being during the same period of time”

          I think Tipo 33 isn’t come in the same age is about 8C.

          If you say the most beautiful Alfa roadcar of all time however…

          • Nordschleife

            I am with you Archer 51 years is quite some time. We are well into the 21century.

          • CarCzarDesigner

            It is modern! Since there are examples of Modern Art dating back to as early as the 1860’s, that are on display in the Museum of Modern Art, then clearly a 51 year old Sports Car with advanced, futuristic styling & design, that is still contemporary & relative, is modern!

          • Bob

            By your definition, the Model T is modern too.

          • CarCzarDesigner

            No. Let’s let the experts in modernity decide the standards.

            From their web page of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)…

            >>MoMA was the first art museum to collect and exhibit automobiles as
            examples of functional design. The Cisitalia “202” GT (1946) was the
            first vehicle to enter the collection, in 1972, and MoMA has organized
            nine automotive exhibitions, beginning with the landmark presentation Eight Automobiles in 1951.<<

            So there is a standard that has to be met. Clearly if a 1946 Italian GT Coupe like the Cisitalia 202 is considered "modern", then surely an exotic GT like the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale would most likely meet that standard as well.

          • Bob

            Correction. WAS considered modern when it entered the collection, in 1972. It was 26 years old then.

            We are now in 2018 so by the standard of the “experts in modernity” (cringe), a modern car should be no older than a 1992 model.

          • CarCzarDesigner

            You made a critical mistake Bob. So, I know you are talking rubbish. You are not an expert on Modernity. And BTW – there is no reason that Cisitalia couldn’t return to the exhibit, today.

            Why was the Cisitalia in the MoMA in the first place? Do you know?

          • Bob

            “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

            ― Socrates

            That said, I imagine you are about to enlighten me on what my critical mistake is exactly. As well as why the Cisitalia was in MoMA in the first place.

  • Bo Hanan

    As a 4x ALFA owner (3 GTV-6’s & 1 Milano Verde) I should like this car more than I do.
    Something about it just isn’t settled in me.

    • Not In My Garage Either :(

      Probably the fact that it’s not in your garage. I’ve seen this beauty in real life and it’s gorgeous.

    • Bob

      It does nothing for me personally. I fancied the Aston DBS’s design over this one.

    • europeon

      Yeah, the styling isn’t resolved as it was with the 159/Brera. I didn’t like it much when in the beginning, and I don’t like it more now – with the exception of the rims and the paint job. It has all the right Alfa queues, but somehow it doesn’t look as a whole. It’s kinda a half-assed job imo, and people say they like it because of the “Alfas are beautiful” stereotype. It also started the horrible bug eye design trend that lasted till Giulia…
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m an alfisti at heart, and if I would have space and time to own a classic car, the 8C would be pretty high on my list, but I think they could have done better with the design.

  • Six_Tymes

    its so awesome, a mistake to sell it.

  • alexxx



    If only Alfa made a successor to this car. But given the current state of FCA that isn’t happening.

    • Yeah, and beside didn’t 8C function as halo car for Alfa at that time, to show that they are still exists. That is why it’s super expensive and borrow a lot of parts from Maserati.

      You know what I never get is why FCA didn’t want to co-operate with Italian styling house, the fact that they can get Halo car for basically free of charge. Like that time that they banned New Stratos and Touring A8GCS Berlinetta. And the cancellation is always at last minute.

      They could just get 8C successor from them, using Maserati or Ferrari underpinnings,and it’s limited edition so it won’t affect other cars.


  • Nordschleife

    My desire for this car was immense especially when debuted. It has aged well as it truly is a beautiful automobile.

  • Fabián Montiel

    One of the most beautiful cars ever made, still looks modern, such a design masterpiece.

  • Carmelo Van Cabboi
  • smartacus

    wow, it’s been that long?

  • Ary Wisesa

    I think it will still gorgeous in the next century. True museum-of-art item. Thumbs up!

  • Six Thousand Times

    Still the looker.

  • S3XY

    Super duper beautiful. I’d probably take an electric one over a Model S… until Roadster 2.0 comes out

  • lagunas3ca

    Ugly car. Just reminds me of the Alpine A110. Besides, you know it’s worthless when Alfa had to pay dealerships to sell the car rather than dealers paying Alfa to sell it.

    • europeon

      What are you talking about? This sold like hot cakes, and the fact it goes for twice the price it was launched, says a lot.

      • lagunas3ca

        Twice the price it was launched? I don’t think so, considering it was launched in the US at $299K. You must be confused with the BMW Z8 😉

        • europeon

          Who cares about the US and your shitty dealer policies and their markups? The car was selling for 160-170k new in Europe, and now the average price for a low mileage one is at around 300k+.

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