Kia To Offer 4D Virtual Test Drives Of The Stinger At The Detroit Auto Show

Kia’s doing things a little differently with the Stinger, and this includes more than showcasing the aggressive styling and powerful powertrain. The automaker recently announced that it would be offering four-dimension (4D) virtual reality test drives of the Stinger at the upcoming North American International Auto Show.

The automaker will have the Kia 4D Stinger Experience available for visitors of the auto show. Upon entering, the viewer is treated to a brief introduction, which outlines Kia’s six-year journey to develop the Stinger, before going on a virtual journey with the sedan. Participants will be able to choose one of three destinations: driving through Southern France, traveling on the Pacific Coast Highway, and spending some time at the Cadwell Park racetrack in the UK.

If you’re wondering how the 4D aspect of the test drive works, five projectors will display the test drive onto three projection screens and the floor, which has been specially programmed. The modified suspension rig will provide participants with haptic feedback that will match what’s going on in the screens.

The 4D experience, according to Kia, will give participants a realistic look at what the Stinger is capable of. “Every twist and turn, every rush of acceleration and every braking run is experienced as if you, the driver, are in command,” Saad Chehab, vice president of marketing communications for Kia Motors America, said.

For Stinger fans that won’t be able to attend the Detroit Auto Show, the automaker is also offering virtual test drives that you can enjoy at home by visiting Jaunt.

Just like with the 4D experience at the auto show, visitors can choose from the same three locations – Cadwell Park, France, and California. Those with virtual reality equipment can download the Jaunt app to get the full effect of the test drives from their house. For the rest, the video offers a 360-degree look at the vehicle and the chosen location. Not as good as the 4D experience, but still quite interesting.

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    • Kyle Newberry

      They are day and night difference. If they do it correctly, it will be like going on a test drive with the forces your body feels. VR just gives the illusion.


    • Galaxium

      Why do I always see you complaining in every comment you make?


  • Matt

    Do they not do real test drives at the Detroit show? The stinger was available to do real (short) test drives at the San Diego show a few weeks ago along along with a lot of other cars.

  • Bo Hanan

    Anyone know how much these are? If they bring it in under $40K I think its a steal.

    • Kyle Newberry

      They top out around 40/45k. Start just over 30k

  • brn

    What’s the fourth dimension, time?

    • Status

      It doesn’t exist as we have no means to verify its existence in our 3 dimensional universe. The 4th dimension exists as a mathematicians geometric play-thing for theoretical and analytical study, but in no way is it physically demonstrable.

      Marketers use it to make an unspectacular company, like Kia, sound cutting edge.

  • dolsh

    Buyer: “I’d like to drive your new Stinger.”
    Kia: “We have a great 4D simulator you can try out.”
    Buyer: “No, I’d actually like to drive it before I commit to buying”
    Kia: “The simulator is a great representation of real life. It’ll be just like you’re driving on the 405.”
    Buyer: “But we’re in Ontario. I’d like to drive it on roads around here.”
    Kia: “The simulator provides free coffee!”
    Buyer: “No thanks, I really need to drive it.”
    Kia: “The simulator smells of lavender.”
    Buyer: “Uh…thanks, but I really need to drive it.”
    Kia: “We’ll need a $3000 deposit before you can take an actual car out.”
    Buyer: “What?!?”
    Kia: “This is a highly sought after car, and we need to ensure that buyers are serious.”
    Buyer: “I’m going back to Honda.”

    • brn

      I was with you until the Honda reference. I’m not sure Honda has anything you’d cross shop with a Stinger. Ford Mustang on the other hand….

      • dolsh

        Well…it was a teeny bit sarcastic. But, no one’s cross shopping a Stinger and Mustang. The Stinger’s a car a Mustang owner looks at when it’s time for two more doors and a baby seat.
        And the 2.0T Accord will be plenty fast enough for sedan shoppers (It’s quicker than the 2.0T Kia stinger). It also has 4 doors and a boot.

  • Bash

    This is one of my worst dreams come true!!

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