Hyundai’s Full-Size SUV Is A Santa Fe On Growth Hormones

Hot on the heels of the latest-generation Hyundai Santa Fe premiering, the South Korean automaker is progressing with the development of its upcoming full-size SUV.

As these spy shots reveal, the exterior design of the new SUV will bear a striking resemblance to the new Santa Fe. Consequently, the front will adopt a prominent grille and a pair of thin headlights, also similar to those that debuted on the much-smaller Hyundai Kona.

Due to the presence of eight seats, some serious changes have been implemented to the vehicle’s roofline and its rear end. As such, there are a pair of much larger third-row side windows and a more upright tailgate, helping to drastically increase cabin space over smaller SUVs in Hyundai’s range.

When discussing the SUV in mid-2017, Hyundai president and chief executive Wonhee Lee revealed that the vehicle will utilize a bespoke platform and hit the market in mid-2019. A launch in the U.S. is a given and there’s a strong possibility that the SUV could also land in Europe at a later date.

Due to Hyundai’s commitment to electrification, which includes having 14 green cars in its range by 2020, it is likely that the large SUV will receive at least a couple electrified powertrains at some stage.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only all-new SUV in Hyundai’s plans. The carmaker is also developing an A-segment SUV which will slot below the Kona.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • xDRAN0x

    The 7-8 seat market will be a rough one this year with this, the Ascent and CX9.

    • Malik

      That being said, anyone who is not fan of CVT might choose Santa Fe instead. As for CX 9, it is more like Tiguan all-space aka long-wheel base.

  • Toronado_II

    Something to share with the Telluride ?

    • Bash

      Exactly, it’s gotta be that way.

  • no25

    coming soon without a driver side mirror (lol).
    the rear is looking like the Telluride concept/production version. the chrome on the side window is odd too, but maybe because of the way the camo is wrapped.

    • You white, you ain’t right

      This is a spy shot not a production model.

      • no25

        its funny how you go around trolling on everyone’s comment saying “Americans are so stupid,” yet you make a stupid comment like that. I know it’s a spy shot, sweetheart. It’s pretty obvious since, you know, there’s camo all over it (which, WOW, i even mentioned the camo).

        • You white, you ain’t right

          Don’t called me sweetheart. That’s gay unless you must be one. And i don’t troll, but since you’re emotional, i can tell that you aren’t a man at all white boy.

          • no25

            HAHAHAH thanks for proving my point, bud. Thanks, for showing the 12 year old child you are. also, I’m not white – thanks for assuming.

          • You white, you ain’t right

            Proving what point? That you’re a sodomite that likes men. Oh and i know you’re white. No need to lie esau. Disgusting drone.

  • Nordschleife

    So will it still be called the Sante Fe and Santa Fe sport? I personally think it should have a different name but not Veracruz again.

    • no25

      this isn’t the Sante Fe, though. It’s a completely different vehicle I feel. Maybe the Santa Fe itself will debut another sport version later on. I think this will have another name.

    • Toronado_II

      XL, as in Canada.

    • Malik

      There is no Santa Fe Sport. I heard Santa Fe Sport is cancelled. If true, then the decision to axe Santa Fe Sport makes sense.

      Better to sell Santa Fe as five seaters as base model and 7 seaters as optional like Tiguan does in North America.

      • bd0007

        Basically just switching around nameplates and the addition of a new one.

        The Santa Fe Sport’s replacement will now be just called the Santa Fe with the current SF adding the XL moniker.

  • Bash

    It’s there at the driver side only.

  • Zandit75

    Looks severely under-wheeled.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Where I felt the new Santa Fe was a letdown, this will succeed.

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