Rolls-Royce Dawn Showcased With New Cowling Alongside Bespoke Phantoms In Geneva

Life is tough sometimes. Say you’re considering a Rolls-Royce convertible. But what you really want is a two-seater, and Goodwood only makes the Dawn with four. So what to do?

The Dawn Aero Cowling could be your answer. It’s a specially crafted cover that goes over the rear seats of the Dawn cabriolet to give it more of a roadster-like profile.

The unit is made of carbon fiber and aluminum to keep it nice and light, and is covered in the finest of leathers to match the interior. It even has storage compartments integrated into it to make it more versatile. And we gather that it’s removable to transform the Dawn back into a four-seater when needed.

The new option is being displayed at the Geneva Motor Show this week on a silver Dawn with a tan and silver interior and 21-inch partially polished alloys. The carbon-fiber “spine” is left exposed, and matches the book-matched trim on the dashboard.

The two-seat Dawn won’t be the only Rolls on display at the show, though. Alongside it, Rolls-Royce is showcasing the extent of the customization options available with three examples of the new Phantom.

“The Gentleman’s Tourer” draws its inspiration from the Phantom II Continental saloon from the 1930s, done up in a military aviation-inspired Iced Gunmetal paint with a satin silver hood. It features a three-tone leather interior and a dashboard “gallery” finished in Ruthenium – a Platinum-like metal a hundred times rarer than gold, typically used on timepieces.

“Whispered Muse” and “A Moment In Time” take the forms of extended-wheelbase models, and are the first with completely unique, artist-designed galleries – both representing modern interpretations of the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem. “Muse” is painted in a newly developed crystal effect in Selby Grey and Palais Nemaskar Dawn, with a first-of-its-kind rose-gold hood ornament. “Moment” is painted in Blue Crystal and Milori Sapphire with a navy and grey interior.

All four vehicles – the two-seat Dawn roadster, the “Gentleman’s” Phantom, and the extended-wheelbase models – will be on prominent display on Rolls-Royce’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show, which opens its doors to the press tomorrow.

Article updated with live images from Geneva

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  • The Ghost Cowling really ruined the lines, like it was supposed to be luxury land yacht, not some racing speedster.

    • Ruel Lewis

      You mean the Dawn?…………..

      • Someone finally pointed out lol. I had no idea I wrote Ghost.

  • Moveon Libtards

    Unfortunately the white dash version looks like a VW Polo.

  • SteersUright

    Rolls does nothing for me. Once superbly elegant and timeless, they now just seem like sheik, oligarch, rapper and baller-mobiles. In other words, tacky and overt rather than stately and restrained beautifully elegance on wheels.

    • Matt

      I can see what you mean but RR has never looked more appealing to me as they do now. Namely the customizations you can do from factory seems almost exponentially greater. In some pics in this set I see things I wouldn’t do/get because it looks gaudy but I’d just select other designs/patterns/paint/materials that suited what i consider elegant…or I’d probably just get a designer to help me pick & choose because if i was wealthy enough for one of these RR’s, why not.

  • MMNYC18

    Bring out the cullinhearse already

  • Bash

    That dawn is too bright!! But what the heck, a two seater Dawn sounds sexy.

  • Stephen G

    “The Dawn Aero Cowling could be your answer. It’s a specially crafted cover that goes over the rear seats of the Dawn cabriolet to give it more of a roadster-like profile.” A “cowling” is a metal cover on an aircraft engine. I think a “tonneau cover” is being described in this article written by a fifth grader.

  • Bill Nguyen

    Nice paint!

  • TrevP

    I do like this, but I would still prefer the standard 4 seat Dawn.


    wow, Dr.Zietche of MB sitting in the Dawn thinking this is why I can’t sell more Maybachs !!!

  • AstonMartin

    British automotive luxury defines true luxury and sets the trend for tastemakers. People can surely have their opinion, however these automobiles are created for a select few with discerning taste and trust their not concerned. Believe that a RR commands respect on the road and rewards its owners. An infinite amount of bespoke options designed to make your vehicle as unique as possible on the road while coddling occupants in supreme luxury is what the brand is all about whether its a 2 seat cowling conversion or an artist commissioned dashboard panel. If you don’t understand that, the brand is simply not for you. Its not about your station in life or where you live, its do you want the very best and can you afford the price of admission.

  • This, idk why they need to add that cowling.

  • Waleesa1

    Is that Mercedes Benz CEO, Dr. Z, in the Dawn’s driver seat in image 11? It looks a lot like him.

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