Toy Car Story: Something Tells Us This Jaguar S-Type Has Had Less Embarrassing Days

Despite the Jaguar S-Type being on the receiving end of plenty of negative commentary throughout its life cycle, it once held the title of world’s fastest production saloon, in 4.2-liter supercharged V8 specification.

So with that one accolade in mind, we’ll go ahead and just say that it probably didn’t deserve to end up in a position where somebody will look at it and ask themselves “what on Earth is that?!” – because that’s exactly the type of reaction this RHD example will give rise to.

The image was posted to reddit’s DiWHY thread by Carception, a thread that’s focused on projects that either should have never come to pass in the first place, or that feature a good idea rounded off by poor execution.

As for the toys, it’s hard to make out what model every single one of them represents, but it’s mostly Bugatti Veyrons, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, a bunch of race cars and countless others, in various shapes and sizes.

Since these types of toy cars tend to weigh anywhere between 30 and 50 grams (let’s say 40 on average), and this Jaguar appears to have well over 1,000 of them glued on, maybe even double that number, we’d guesstimate that such a mod could easily add another 175 lbs, or 79 kg to a car.


  • Howstar

    Must be a nightmare to wash

  • it’s awesome. Rather be seen in this than a Mansory. (But I would rather be given a Mansory and sell it for the money).

  • TrevP

    What on earth

  • FUNNY.

  • Autoexperte
  • Shobin Drogan

    Its done for fun, who cares, so far most people who have seen it here loved it.

  • Howstar

    Would drive….. anyone mad

    • Many, Many Things to Go Wrong

      Getting into a car accident might lead to a several hundred car pileup from just this one car and no other!

  • FoxJ30

    I would drive it past Jaguar headquarters every day just to see if they’d eventually flag me down just to give me a new one and get this one off the road.

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