Campagna T-Rex Is Going Electric With Zero Motorcycles Power

The Campagna T-Rex has been in production for about 30 years now. And it’s undergone a number of engine transplants along the way. But this could be the biggest development the Canadian trike has seen yet.

Campagna Motors has announced that it’s developing an electric version of the T-Rex. Although it’s just a prototype for now, the three-wheeled roadster is set to adopt an electric powertrain from Zero Motorcycles.

“Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team and partners, the T-Rex has become the benchmark for three-wheeled performance,” said Campagna president André Morissette. “Our collaboration with Zero Motorcycles brings a whole new level of innovation and originality to this already exhilarating platform.”

Is it more motorcycle or car?

The T-Rex falls closer to the sports-car-missing-a-wheel end of the three-wheeler spectrum than the motorcycle-with-an-extra-wheel end. More like a Polaris Slingshot, in other words, than a BRP Can-Am Spyder (which is also made in Quebec).

It has a side-by-side two-seat setup in a largely open cockpit, with a steering wheel, two wheels up front, and one big fat one driven in the back. Over the past three decades, versions of the T-Rex have been driven by Suzuki, Kawasaki, and BMW motorcycle engines. (Its stablemate V13R is powered by a Harley-Davidson V-Rod engine.)

When should we see the electrified T-Rex?

The electric prototype is set to be unveiled at the 2018 Montreal Electric Vehicle Show from April 20 to 22. That’ll take place just across the river from where the T-Rex and V13R are manufactured in Boucherville. A more advanced version is set to begin testing in the summer. If it’s put into production, it would follow in the tracks of Morgan’s electric three-wheeler, among others.

“We’re excited that Campagna selected our industry-leading powertrain technology to develop their electric T-Rex,” said Zero’s biz-dev director Jim Callahan. “Zero’s electric powertrain is an ideal solution for the ultimate three-wheeled experience. This vehicle is an absolute thrill to drive.”

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    This is wicked cool, y’all!

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    very interesting and looks like real fun


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    ruff ryders of course.

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    That kind of thinking hasn’t stopped the G-class going for nearly 40 years. Why is it wrong for Campagna?