2019 Fiat 500X Mild Update Now Evident On Facelifted Prototypes

As the world awaits for Sergio Marchionne to reveal his final five-year plan for FCA, Fiat continues the development of the facelifted 500X SUV in hotter climates.

We already noticed its presence at the Arctic Circle a couple of weeks ago, this fresh batch of spy images brings some new things to the table.

We knew to expect a new front grille, redesigned DRLs and a new bumper, although now we see that the car will also feature LED technology on its secondary pair of headlights, the ones between the larger primary ones and the fog lights.

As expected, the design changes will all be influenced by the current Fiat 500, including the new LED taillights that feature a body-colored center section and circular LED daytime running lights.

Revisions will be subtle

Another aspect of the updated front end is the new grille, which is also partly visible. Not only is it larger than the one found on the current model, but the Fiat badge also looks different, no longer positioned in the middle of the horizontal strip.

Now, if you’re wondering what’s going to happen to the interior, know that we’re in that very same boat as you. Since the cabin of the 500X was already updated for the 2018MY, any new changes will presumably be more aesthetic in nature.

The 2018 Fiat 500X already got a new Uconnect infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen display and a reversing camera, but further updates could include something like a redesigned steering wheel, a more modern gauge cluster and a refreshed range of trim options.

Engines in US-spec models will probably remain the same

The Jeep Renegade’s Italian cousin could gain new or more efficient versions of existing petrol and diesel powertrains in Europe but US-spec models will stick to the 1.4 turbo and the normally aspirated 2.4-liter engine options.

With reports suggesting that Marchionne could drop Fiat from the US and China markets, the facelifted Fiat 500X might be one of the last models the Italian brand offers on this side of the Atlantic.

This latest update to the Fiat 500X will be applied to 2019MY cars, so expect an official unveiling towards the end of this year.

Article updated with new spy shots and additional reporting by Michael Karkafiris

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Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • Franco da Silva

    It’s becoming a Mini!

    • Legionario007

      Fiat’s been around longer than Mini. But yeah, I see what you mean 😉

  • Man they need to replace 500 soon, the sales has dropped in Europe and I assume they can’t just hold on to Italian market for sales.

  • Dennis Scipio

    They’re gonna need more than facelifts if they’re gonna survive in the US Market.

  • Grumpy

    Since it came out I’ve only seen 2.

  • :/ Yurr

    Still a piece of crap.

  • :/ Yurr

    Oh trust me GM is way more reliable than FCA, like common now :/.

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    why continue to waste money on a Car that nobody buys. The 500 and 500L(Which to me is the worst car i have ever driven) amd 500x…the chrysler 300 alone sells more then all 3 of them. just scrap fiat and Make Chrysler and Dodge products.

    • Codrut Ivanescu

      I assume you are referring strictly to the US market. In that case, I agree that Fiat shouldn’t sell there

    • ProtectOurHeritage

      You really should think what is happening outside the United States.

      Between 2007 and 2017, FCA sold more than 1.76 million Fiat 500 models in Europe alone. Meanwhile the Chrysler 300 performed so poorly in Europe, that in the same period, they sold less than 30,000 and then totally ditched the brand here altogether.

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    no dude Im npt sqying chrysler dodge and jeep…i mean Fiat in general is the biggest POS company i have ever seen…i work for FCA..and everything thats Fiat is Either Half Baked and needs to be repaired or just doesnt last long…i have never seen soo many problems then Fiat alone.

  • :/ Yurr

    Yeaaa okayyyy…

  • ProtectOurHeritage

    They were sharing technology for close to a decade so I think GM and Fiat are about the same.

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