Audi SQ8 Caught Undisguised, Will Likely Feature 500 HP Hybrid V6

This is the upcoming S version of the new Audi Q8, spotted free of camouflage during its late development stage.

A recent report on the range-topping RS Q8 claimed that it will feature the same plug-in hybrid powertrain used by the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, where it makes 671 HP.

That, however, would make it more powerful than the Lamborghini Urus, which, given that both companies fall under the VW Group umbrella, seems unlikely. Besides, Audi has teased the production SQ8 with the Q8 Sport Concept that was powered by a mild hybrid powertrain consisting of a 443hp 3.0-liter V6 TFSI hooked up with a 27hp electric motor, offering a total of 469hp (476PS) and 516lb-ft (700Nm) of torque – something that seems more plausible.

The car will feature the brand’s 48-volt electrical architecture and a small lithium-ion battery pack mounted under the boot. The SQ8’s V6 engine is also expected to feature an electric compressor along with a traditional turbocharger, a technology that has debuted already in the SQ7 that is is powered by a diesel ICE.

Since this powertrain is already available, there’s a chance Audi will offer the SQ8 with the SQ7’s diesel engine as well – at least in Europe. The prototype pictured here carries the TDI badge on the tailgate, but that could be a distraction instead of an indicator of what’s hiding under the bonnet.

On the outside, the SQ8 is distinguished by the more aggressive bumper design that features bigger air inlets at the front, lowered suspension, larger alloys, deeper side sills and quad exhausts.

Sporty touches in the tech-laden cabin will include a flat-bottom steering wheel, bucket seats and more vivid color options to set the tone for the upcoming performance SUV.

Eventually, the new hybrid petrol powertrain will find its way to more Audi models, including the A6, A7 and A8, and maybe even the Q7.

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Image Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • Adilos Nave

    That’s actually really slick. If it looks that good in pictures, just imagine in person. I’m sure it has quite a presence on the road.

    • wintergraan

      I’ve already seen a handful of uncamouflaged Q8s driving around on public roads and they indeed look even better than in the pictures. The Q8 is a massive car but it can hide its size very well, mostly due to its slick roofline and wide stance. 🙂

  • Research Janitor

    Cover it back up.

  • caddy45

    Looks very good. Just makes you wonder why they showed the standard Q8 in that burnt orange!

  • Zcat

    Why bother pretending this is a SUV. Look at the ground clearance. It’s like 3.5″-4″? Compared to the normal Q8, lowering this makes it look like a big heavy box.

    • Saviola Seyrenia

      looks like a shortened wagon. too busy looking on the front but cool. I like it

  • They did it on purpose, looks dope though. That TDI badge threw me off for a sec..

  • It’s so low though, minus the SUV ‘practicality’ this might just be a wagon.

    I think the RS6 makes more sense for me.

  • big_will95

    Looks bad ass

  • ace_9

    Looks good, but I can’t think of any reason to buy such car except for compensating something… It is huge and powerful, it’s however not a family car and it is also certainly not a sports car. I don’t like cars that are made just to scream “I’m more rich and powerful than you!!!”

  • kDawg

    What is up with the front! Looks like a mouth of a parasite or those blood sucking alien creatures. Get rid of that thick black frame around the grill. Just ewwww.

    • wintergraan

      It’s grey, not black 😉 and you can get it in vehicle color as well.


    • wintergraan

      With the grille mask painted in vehicle color the front end looks less busy 🙂


        • wintergraan

          Sure, each to their own 😉 But the Q8 is Audi’s alternative to the rather bland looking Q7 and was designed to stand out from the rest of their SUV lineup.

    • fathornyblackandjoe

      Speaking of obnoxious…try pressing your CAPS LOCK key.

  • Six_Tymes

    Quad Fake exhaust tips?


    • ErnieB

      That is a deal breaker if I were looking at this segment. Faux exhaust tips are cheesy imo..

  • Carenthusiast

    Surprisingly no fake exhaust pipes!

  • eb110americana

    Why does the Audi design slider have to go from bland recycled styling to overdone and ugly? I kind of like the optics in the taillight on this thing, but that nose looks cheap and like they are compensating for a lack of fresh ideas by throwing more angles at the design. Audi needs to throw some bleach in the gene pool.

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