Tens Of Thousands Of UK Jobs Will Be Lost With The Wrong Brexit Deal, Warns JLR Boss

Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, repeated his company’s concerns about a possible bad Brexit deal, during a conference in Birmingham, UK.

The boss of Britain’s largest car maker warned that the wrong Brexit deal could cost tens of thousands of jobs in the automotive industry and risk the existence of production facilities, Reuters reports.

Speth said that Jaguar Land Rover would not be able to produce its cars in the UK if post-Brexit custom checks turn the English port of Dover into a “car park” due to delays.

“A thousand (jobs were) lost as a result of diesel policy and those numbers will be counted in the tens of thousands if we do not get the right Brexit deal,” Speth said, referring to redundancies made earlier this year at JLR.

“Currently I do not even know if any of our manufacturing facilities in the UK will be able to function on the 30th (of March),” he added.

JLR’s boss said that unrestricted access to the single market for JLR is “as important a part to our business as wheels are to our cars”.

Jaguar Land Rover, which is about to open a new factory in Slovakia later this year, has already admitted that building cars abroad is cheaper.

“It is thousands of pounds cheaper to produce vehicles for instance in eastern Europe than in Solihull (JLR’s biggest UK plant), and what decisions will I be forced to make if Brexit means not merely that costs go up but that we cannot physically build cars on time and on budget in the UK?” Speth said. “Any friction at our borders puts our production in jeopardy – at a cost of 60 million pounds a day.”

Following the comments of JLR’s boss, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the government’s Brexit plans include specific proposals to protect jobs in industries dependent on the so-called “just-in-time” supply chains.

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  • Howfarr

    The irony is the majority of ‘Leave’ voters were working class, i.e. the factory workers protesting them damn immigrants stealing their jobs and pushing up house prices.
    Soon they won’t even need to come to the UK to steal peoples jobs.

  • rover10

    Brit’s don’t like threats, and this guy looks too satisfied with his warnings. Such company leaders should remember the Brit’s can look elsewhere for their next car purchases? The UK vehicle market is not so insignificant.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      YOU are a brit, and YOU won’t buy JLR cars because you are an arrogant brit who thinks he is the best, most important and excetera, as an old brit.

      • rover10

        What an obnoxious chap you are, and wrong on all assumptions. Keep to the subject and not venture
        into such insults. Remember, this is a serious website and thereby should be treated as such.

        • Mark Hawthorne

          Serious? Carscoops?

        • Matteo Tommasi

          If you aren’t, you speak like one. You should be worried

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Yes business leaders: lets find a work around for Theresa and her government’s f&%*ing incompetence!

    • designer_dick

      The onus isn’t on businesses to be inventive if the UK fails to get the right deal or crashes out of the EU with no deal, it’s on the UK government to do everything within its power to secure the RIGHT deal.

  • Knotmyrealname

    This scare mongering is quite disturbing. It’s quite obvious that there are people in power (above governments) that will do anything to stop brexit.

    • Dude

      I wouldn’t call it that since many economists have been saying the same thing. Brexit is probably happening at this point so companies are just reiterating the near certainty of large future job losses.

      • Knotmyrealname

        Who do you think the economists are funded by?

        • Joff


        • Dude

          Many different sources so it’s certainly not as simple or conspiracy-like as you’re implying. Economists also work for international organizations, research firms, and think tanks. Most of the funding for all research comes from public/government grants.

          • Knotmyrealname

            …who are funded by groups and people like Rothschild, Bilderberg and Soros.

          • Dude

            …government grants are funded by a few random guys? It really took you a week to come up with something that stupid?

          • Knotmyrealname

            A few random guys?
            At this point I feel it’s best that I don’t enter into a nonsensical debate with someone that is clearly ignorant. Over and out.

          • Dude

            Kinda late for an over and out when you had nothing of value to say in the first place. I know who they are and in this context they are completely random guys. Don’t confuse my dismissal of your conspiracy theories for ignorance.

  • Thunderbolt

    Another threat to end Brexit, well Mr. Ralf Speth, take a number and get in line.

  • f1300

    Tell me if I’m wrong: The british Population voted on that one (Brexit). They knew (or at least had all the chances to get to know) that it will do no good at their country. But the chose to leave the EU. So, why all that whining? If the UK goes down the drain, it’s a real pity, but it is their own (unfortunate) choice.

  • I know that this is their choice, this and the rumor that Ford will move their production plant to EU should raised a red flag for UK manufacturing sector.

  • designer_dick

    I’m not blaming government, I’m holding them to account. Securing a deal that doesn’t unduly harm the UK’s economy is their responsibility.

  • FlameWater

    You’re leaving a restricted market for an open world wide one, stop making cars that only cater to one demographic if you want to survive this industry.

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