McLaren’s Daughter Delivers A Special 570S At A Special Event

Taking ownership of a new McLaren, we can only imagine, must be an extraordinary experience. Receiving a one-of-a-kind McLaren – from Bruce McLaren’s only child, at a McLaren track even – could only make it that much more special. And that’s just what one customer got to experience this past weekend.

The car in question is a one-off 570S Spider that McLaren built for (and donated to) the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which auctioned it off at its recent Argento Ball to raise money for HIV awareness.

The roadster was done up in Blade Silver with red and black accents – including red brake calipers and seatbelts and black 10-spoke alloys and sports exhaust – as well as the optional Luxury Pack. It sold for nearly $950,000 at the event, but was just delivered to its generous and fortunate owner (who may, judging from the photos, be a teenage boy) this past weekend at the Thermal Club east of Los Angeles.

That’s where the British automaker held its second Pure McLaren event in North America, bringing customers together to drive Woking’s finest on one of California’s premier private race tracks. And on hand to deliver the keys was none other than Amanda McLaren.

“Whether on the street or on track, McLaren builds cars that are meant to be driven,” said McLaren North America president Tony Joseph. “The benefit of Pure McLaren is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time on track or if you are an experienced driver, the program can be tailored to guarantee your level of knowledge grows deeper, which helps you get the most enjoyment out of your car.” The next event is scheduled for the Circuit of the Americas next month.

“It was especially great to see this special 570S Spider,” added Joseph, “which was purchased to benefit a good cause, taken immediately to the track – an environment where the car feels at home.”

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