One-Off Defender ‘Selfridges Edition’ Made Exclusively For Store’s Designer Room

Visitors of Selfridges’ flagship store in London will be greeted by a very special Land Rover Defender Works V8 inside the store’s new Designer Street Room.

The one-off creation started life as a 2016 Defender 110 2.2 TDCi Pick Up, but Land Rover Classic modified it with the 400hp V8 powertrain of the Defender Works V8 and added a number of bespoke elements.

These include a Bronze Green paintjob, a branded soft top finished in trademark Selfridges Yellow, retro-style seats with custom stitching and of course a set of unique badges.

What’s interesting is that the car was actually inserted into the store through a first-floor window with the help of a crane as a kit of parts and then was reassembled on the menswear floor in full view of the public by three specialist technicians and five workers in just over four days.

“Everything on this car, from the custom cross-stitched leather to the unique Selfridges hood and Works V8 Conversion, has been created at our state-of-the-art Classic Works facility in Coventry,” said Jaguar Land Rover Classic Director, Tim Hannig. “This may be the most quickly-assembled one-off Defender in the world, but it will be on display at Selfridges in London long enough for customers to enjoy.”

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  • I mean it’s cool and all but I don’t see the point of it bar some marketing exercise.

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