Restyled 2020 Mercedes E-Class Makes Shock Spy Debut With All-New Front End

Mercedes launched their fifth-generation E-Class in the spring of 2016, which in automotive years means that it’s already getting close to being in need of a mid-cycle refresh.

Well, if you were in any way curious regarding whether or not Mercedes would completely switch things up with regards to the W213’s front end design (as they did with the W212), here is your answer: They most certainly did, and then some.

One of the reasons why the updated W213 needs to feel fresh is because it faces extremely strong competition in the BMW 5-Series and Audi A6, both of which have already crossed over into a new-generation cycle. Come to think of it, the W212 was in the exact same situation, so perhaps the nameplate’s direct rivalry with the 5er and the A6 is indeed the driving force behind these heavily restyled successors.

A touch of CLS with a pinch of GLE

While it’s obvious that Mercedes couldn’t apply their Sensual Purity design language to the E-Class without completely redesigning it, the German automaker apparently did the next best thing, giving the updated W213 a new front end that at least looks as though it belongs on a 2019 Benz.

Starting with the grille, it certainly looks similar to that of the latest CLS, while the headlights appear to have retained a somewhat bulky design, kind of like those of the all-new GLE’s. The light signature however resembles that of the CLS’, but since the headlights aren’t as angular, the upside down-style light strip isn’t as aggressive looking as the four-door coupe’s.

As for the front bumper design, the camouflage prevents us from seeing exactly what’s going on there. Yet, we can still make out the slightly beefy edges, meant to give the car a more muscular stance.

At the rear, this E-Class Estate prototype is wearing it’s old/current taillights, which will undoubtedly be ditched when the time is right in favor of newly designed ones – whether it will be their overall look or just the graphics.

The name of the game is ‘Keep Up’

When it comes to on-board tech as well as performance/efficiency, you can rest assured that Mercedes will not allow the E-Class to drop back in relation to its newer German rivals. This means fitting the E with a latest-gen infotainment system, latest software, active safety tech, new materials/trims and an upgraded engine range.

Mercedes should unveil their facelifted E-Class range next year as a 2020 model.

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Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • vvmdrf

    It’s a shame every Benz will look like the new A-class.

  • salamOOn

    hurry! buy your new E class asap while its still nice.

  • no25

    i get having a brand identity but at least brands like BMW and Lexus show distinctions from model to model. The ES may look a lot like the LS, but you can tell the difference. The 3 Series may look a lot like the 5 Series, but you can tell the difference. They all have styles that set them apart while keeping the brands overall image. Mercedes is losing this.

  • Jason Panamera

    GLE front. I prefer current one.

  • ksegg

    Ah Mercedes. Talk about losing their way.

    A facelifted W211 E55 AMG is still one of the classiest cars ever.

    And now the E has been reduced to…..whatever it is now. Larger A Class? C Class?

    Who knows. Which is sad.

    • Able

      If anything, this update makes the E not look like just a larger C Class. It’s still strangely proportioned and still weirdly bulbous – this generation of E, 5 and A6 are OTT and yuck.

  • Richard Taylor

    It’s such a subjective topic, but seeing as I like the newest design language, I’m pretty happy to see it applied across multiple models in Mercedes’ core range. Their design only gives me concern when their rear end designs stray so heavily into Porsche territory. Not a big problem here, mind you.


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