2020 Mercedes CLA Drops Some Camo, Gives Us A Peek Inside

Anyone who was wondering why Mercedes felt the need to build a 4-door version of the A-Class alongside a brand new generation of the CLA, can now rest assured since it’s become more obvious that the two models will not resemble each other all that much.

In fact, the new CLA easily reminds us of the latest CLS, making the term “baby CLS” quite adequate, despite the fact that it’s already been thrown around for quite some time now.

Sleeker than your average A-Class

The all-new 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA shares the same design language as the CLS, albeit on a smaller scale and with a few noticeable differences.

For example, the front end is nowhere near as aggressive-looking, seen as how those headlights are a bit bulbous towards their far edges, the exact opposite of what they look like on the CLS. The rear end design however is a lot more similar, as both models seem to feature similarly-shaped taillights.

Overall, while the new CLA is by no means a poor man’s CLS, it should definitely stand out on its own as a more stylish alternative to the A-Class Sedan, which could actually be described as being more sporty.

Speaking of which, the CLA would have looked a lot more like the CLS had Mercedes given it the same headlights as those on the A-Class/A-Class Sedan. Of course, that would have created less of a separation between the two four-door compact models, which is probably why it didn’t happen.

Baby CLS outside, A-Class inside

Even though this is the first actual look we get inside an all-new CLA prototype, the design of the dashboard is exactly what we were expecting, as we can confidently say that there’s little to no need for covering anything up in there.

The circular turbine-style air vents are identical to the A-Class’ in both shape and number, as are the climate control commands, dual-screen layout and even the door panels, we suspect. We do see a sporty Alcantara steering wheel, which is a bit odd since this prototype doesn’t appear to be a hardcore AMG version.

As for power units, the 2020 CLA will share some of the A-Class’ petrol and diesel options, although diesels will likely not make the trip Stateside. There are also rumblings of two different AMG versions in the AMG 35 and AMG 45, the former allegedly good for 306 PS (302 HP) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque, while the latter producing upwards of 400 PS (394 HP).

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA will arrive in dealerships just before the middle of next year.

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Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • Merc1

    It’s going to be gorgeous. Proportions are really good for a FWD car.


  • exeptor

    How is this different than A class sedan?

    • Jason Panamera

      Name is the difference.

    • Merc1

      Same way the CLS is different from the E-Class.


      • exeptor

        I don’t think that the differentiation will bee that obvious in this case. A class sedan (almost 4 door cupe-ish shape) has nothing to do with the shape of E class which is a classical sedan. It is just the size (and maybe the general shape) of A class that limits the non-hatchback variants. I hope (and probably they will) make it easily distinctable.

    • Maidenmann

      “coupé” vs Sedan. Suspension.

  • ksegg

    lol every new MB has the exact same slab o’ dash interior.

    Nothing to “sneak peak” to at all.

    • Jason Panamera

      One thing I hate more than gloss black plastic and fake exhaust holes are the same interiors.

      • ksegg

        MB is a case study in how a company completely loses the plot, and continues to give a giant middle finger to previous long time fans/owners.

      • lagunas3ca

        Even if they’re dual high-def 12.3″ displays?

    • Christian Wimmer

      False, only the entry-level models more or less share similar-looking interiors.

      The new EQC and GLE have interiors that feature a similar layout and design, but are distinctively different. Also, having driven the new A-Class I can tell you the interior is incredibly futuristic-looking but also well-designed and functional.

      • ksegg

        The average buyer is not going to see “distinctively different”.

        • Christian Wimmer

          Will the average buyer even care? 😉

          • ksegg

            You’d be surprised.

          • Christian Wimmer

            Enthusiasts might whine, but I think most average buyers will like the interiors and the other features and qualities which these cars have to offer. At the end of the day nobody is forcing anyone to buy a car they don’t like for whatever reason.

          • Merc1

            The average buyer won’t care, we all know that.


  • Tumbi Mtika

    I really, really don’t see the point of this. At all.

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