Musk Claims WSJ Report Of FBI Investigating Tesla’s Figures Is “Utterly False”

Shortly after Tesla confirmed that it had received a subpoena from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about Model 3 production forecasts, chief executive Elon Musk has slammed news about the matter as being false.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI is reviewing Model 3 production numbers as part of an ongoing criminal probe into whether the company misled investors. Citing unnamed sources, the publication asserted that federal agents were reviewing Tesla’s stated Model 3 production numbers dating back to early 2017.

Despite Tesla admitting that it has provided information to the Department of Justice regarding Musk’s public statements about Model 3 production, he denied The Wall Street Journal’s assertions.

“The amount of untruthful stuff that is written is unbelievable,” Musk told Recode during an interview.

“Take that Wall Street Journal front-page article about, like, ‘The FBI is closing in.’ That is utterly false. That’s absurd. To print such a falsehood on the front page of a major newspaper is outrageous. Like, why are they even journalists? They’re terrible. Terrible people,” he said.

Musk’s denial appears solely related to claims that the FBI is involved. While Tesla says the Department of Justice is conducting investigations, it has failed to comment on reports about the agency’s alleged involvement.

According to Tesla, none of the government agencies conducting investigations have concluded that any wrongdoing occurred.

When Tesla launched the Model 3 in 2017, it said it would be building 5,000 units per week by late Q1 2018. The company soon revised that target to the end of Q2, ultimately achieving its goal in the final week of June.

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  • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

    Musk is a certified & documented liar. Why are his words here any different?

    • HN

      “Musk is a certified & documented liar.” ?????

      Did he lie about making the cheapest orbital class rockets ? Did he lie about making a resuable orbital class rockets ? Did he lie about making a best affordable EV car that people would love to buy ?

      Who is lying here ? Strangefingger is a liar!

      • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

        The SEC nailed his ass in a lie for all to see. Surprised you missed it given how much K oolaid you must drink. Oh, and where the F is the 35k$ Model 3, you jackazz idiot f###!?

        • S3XY

          You ignored responding to the cheapest orbital class rockets statement. Your understanding of the subject is limited. You must drink too much koolaid.

      • Mike anonymous

        There are many things he’s told the truth in the past, but it does not make up for the lies he has also told.
        Also I’m not so sure about “the ‘best’ affordable EV car” statement as there are numerous automakers who make general purpose to luxury Electric vehicles for $35k or below already (BMW, Ford, Chevrolet, and we have not even gotten into the numbers brands over seas). Some of these vehicles have been converted to EV’s as well.

        Even Hyundai has their own EV for less that $35k that will have more range $35k version of the model 3. And also (unlike Tesla) (and something Elon has failed to mention to consumers is) that Owners of the Model 3 will have to PAY to use their proprietary charging network the same you would at a gas station.

        Most fans of Tesla have no idea he didn’t even start the company, and actually took it over, forced it’s creators out before they could make money, and took the company for himself, he didn’t even develop the technology, or come up with the idea for the S, 3, or Roadster. If he’s not a liar, he has at the very least had a shady past. I personally wouldn’t trust someone 100% with a shady past.

        • HN

          @Mike anonymous – “Also I’m not so sure about “the ‘best’ affordable EV car” statement as there are numerous automakers who make general purpose to luxury Electric vehicles for $35k or below already”

          How BMW i3, at near $50k, compares with Tesla M3 stating at similar price? If Tesla Model 3 isn’t “the best affordable EV car” then why Model 3 has many more buyers compares with all other EV buyers?

          What is the status of starting a company ? Tesla didn’t exit until Elon Musk put his own money to start it in 2002. There was a prototype of an EV designed by 2 other guys, but they didn’t have any plan to produce it in mass volume. When they filed paper works to start the company Elon Musk was 1 of the 3 founders.

          All of you haters couldn’t do anything in your damn lives and hate to see someone like Elon Musk who success running several companies and got up to $20 billion from his accomplishments. But haters like you can only hate and can’t change anything.

  • Blanka Li

    So if it’s false, why isn’t Musk filing a libel lawsuit?

    • S3XY

      File a lawsuit against the U.S Government? Good luck

      • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

        If the FBI find he’s been misleading investors he’ll be going to prison. I wonder, as you’re his biggest fanboy, he’ll let you visit him?

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      Because he know he’d lose.

  • Mike anonymous

    If you ask me it seems as though his claim against the WSJ’s claim of the FBI’s investigation is,. “Utterly False”.

    From one person, to another, Musk has shown less reason to trust his word this year alone (in comparison to all of the prior years combined). While there is a great deal written in the mainstream press that is untrue, BUT I (personally) have more reason to believe The WSJ, Than a multi-billion dollar CEO, who not only had to reach settlement with the United States government over his ‘poor choice in conducting his words’,. Amongst many other things, but has not really given us (in a situation such as this,) a reason to stand behind his own words (and/or claims).

    (I am not here to choose sides, But) “When someone is showing (or telling) the ‘truth’ and exposing what is meant to be hidden, those whom are accused will do all in their power to discredit and discount the character of those from which the ‘truth’ is spoken” … (&) In my opinion that is a powerful statement.

  • Mr. EP9

    If that’s the case then why did Tesla acknowledge such an investigation was happening? I’m thinking Elon is lying. And given his habit of making off the wall claims, nonsensical statements and the occasional backpedal; I have no reason to believe him.

    • S3XY

      Tesla acknowledged the investigation was happening because an investigation was happening. What was concluded on the report is what Elon said is utterly false. You can’t be serious with what you just said

      And fortunately, what you think doesn’t matter as you have no personal knowledge about anything regarding the subject matter.

      • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

        Have you moved out of your parent’s basement yet or bought a Tesla? No? Thought not. You’re just another one of Musk’s deluded fanboys, that appears to love him so much, you want to play with his meat rocket.

        • Matthew Daraei

          Plot Twist: He’s Elon Musk in disguise!

  • S3XY

    I didn’t know that stating that something is utterly false is considered an “attack”

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    “The amount of untruthful stuff that is written is unbelievable,” Musk told Recode during an interview.

    A bit like the when Elon goes on Twitter high on Ambien and make false claims about taking Tesla private? Or the time he libeled a British diver? Tesla, under Musk’s questionable leadership, is turning into nothing but an omnishambles.

  • Bash

    There is no smoke without fire.

  • Stephen G

    OMG! Musk lied when he was predicting the future. What can we do to stop people from setting goals and falling short? This is just awful! What is the world coming to!?

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