Elon Musk Is Fuelled By An Uncontrollable Desire To Save The World


Elon Musk’s work schedule has launched a thousand conversations, particularly in 2018 when he put in 120 hour weeks to oversee production of the Tesla Model 3. What could possibly drive someone to work so hard?

Well, according to the entrepreneur himself, he works so much because he is absolutely and totally committed to helping save the Earth from the adverse effects of climate change.

“Tesla is incredibly important for the future of sustainable transport and energy generation. The fundamental purpose, the fundamental good that Tesla provides is accelerating the advent of sustainable transport and energy production,” Musk told Recode in a comprehensive interview in November.

“The success of Tesla is, by far, the biggest forcing function for the other car makers to get into electric cars.”

Musk went on to state that climate change is the single most important issue facing humanity. If we can’t start repairing the Earth, Musk suggested, we can kiss life on this beautiful planet goodbye.

“It’s very important for the future of the world. It’s very important for all life on Earth. This supersedes political parties, race, creed, religion, it doesn’t matter. If we do not solve the environment, we’re all damned.”

While it may be easy to think that Musk got into the world of automobiles to make money, the eccentric billionaire says the whole point of Tesla is to accelerate the advent of electric vehicles.

“If somebody comes and makes a better electric car than Tesla and it’s so much better than ours that we can’t sell our cars, and we go bankrupt, I still think that’s a good thing for the world.”.

That’s a bold statement indeed. And while he has been under fire and faced legal action for some of his tweets, which were indeed ill-advised, you can’t criticize his work ethic.

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  • Six_Tymes

    “Save The World”

    from what, him? I though he was a positive thinker?

    • HN

      @Six_Tymes – “”Save The World” from what, him? I though he was a positive thinker?”

      Elon Musk is a doer not a naysayer. What’s a naysayer do other than saying all the FUD? Other than taking welfare check what did you contribute to society ?

      • Howfarr

        By ‘doer’ you mean someone who cons money out of idiots to piss it up the wall on pointless endeavors.
        All the while those same idiots praise him like some ‘Tony Stark’ genius figure.
        There is a reason many Engineers and Scientists are nay-saying him… because we are intelligent enough to see thru this bullsh*t artist.

        • HN

          Any proof that Elon Musk cons any money from idiots ? Only the short idiots lost money shorting Tesla in the last 8 years.

          If there are any better engineers then why no one ever tried landing an orbital class rocket back on earth before ?

          If there are any better engineers then why no one ever invest serious money in BEV ?

          You and all haters are just the naysayers, only know how to complain and never try anything to better humankind.

        • HN

          Elon Musk cons NASA $2.6 billion to ferry astronauts to/from ISS ? Boeing charges NASA for IDENTICAL contract only $4.2 billion. Charging $1.6 billion less than Boeing is conning ?

          Tesla cons consumers with selling more Model 3 than BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus … sold all their cars the last 3 months ?

          Do you understand the true meaning of “CON” ? Actually, do you understand anything ?

          • Howfarr

            Please link me to the location you got those “contract costs” from.
            Also you think Tesla 3 outsold every BMW, Merc, Audi and Lexus in the last quarter??

            Pipe down fanboy

          • HN

            “Please link me to the location you got those “contract costs” from”

            Below is the 2 cargo contracts to/from ISS NASA awarded to SpaceX and Orbital ATK in 2008.

            Quote: “The first CRS contracts were signed in 2008 and awarded $1.6 billion to SpaceX for 12 cargo transport missions and $1.9 billion to Orbital Sciences for 8 missions, covering deliveries to 2016.

            SpaceX began flying resupply missions in 2012, using Dragon cargo spacecraft launched on Falcon 9 rockets from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Cape Canaveral, Florida.[4] Orbital Sciences began deliveries in 2013 using Cygnus spacecraft”

            SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft payload: to ISS 6,000 kg (13,000 lb), which can be all pressurized, all unpressurized or anywhere between. It can return to Earth 3,500 kg (7,700 lb), which can be all unpressurized disposal mass or up to 3,000 kg (6,600 lb) of return pressurized cargo[6]

            Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft payload to ISS: 2,000 kg (4,400 lb) (Std), 3,200 kg (7,100 lb) (Enh on Antares 230), 3,500 kg (7,700 lb) (Enh on Atlas V 401)

            Cygnus spacecraft can’t take anything from ISS back to earth safely. It took out the trash to burn when it is destroyed entering the atmosphere.


            SpaceX charges $1.6 billion for 12 cargo flights. It can take 6,000 kg to ISS and 3,500 kg from ISS back to earth safely. Cost per kilogram: $14,035.

            Orbital ATK charges $1.9 billion for 8 flights. It can take up to 3,500 kg to ISS and only trash from ISS to burn. Cost per kilogram to ISS: $678,571.

            $14,035 versus $$678,571 is a good job for a con man ?

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Ok, I’ll start this if I may:

    • Craig

      It would be better is he was just like the rest of us. Is that it? People who basically contribute nothing to the world.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        I’m glad you like him. His motives are purer than pure.

        • Craig

          If you’re looking for ‘pure’ you’re on the wrong planet.

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            Sorry Elon. Outed any paedos lately?


      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        YES AND NO.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Yeah but that ego needs feeding. The fame he seeks, and the legacy-building he puts on constant public display is a small consolation that I have no problem in giving him, so long as he continues to put out innovative products. He can think of himself as one-part Steve Jobs, one-part Carl Sagan, one-part Joe Rogan all he wants.

  • Paul

    He’ll need to save himself and his company before he can ever save the world.

    • Jason Miller

      Judging by that second to last sentence in the article, sounds like he doesn’t care.

    • Richard Alexander

      Which begs the question….when Tesla files for BK do the creditors get Elon’s hair?

  • Richard Alexander

    Save yourself. Aint nobody comin to save you.

  • Jason Miller

    100% support this guy. And no, I don’t have a Tesla. We need more people with a drive to advance the world like he has. Between Tesla and SpaceX he’s making huge advancements on that front. Starship is going to change the world like no other.

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      Tesla is barely profitable and SpaceX has received massive government subsidies. How radical!

  • Honda NSX-R

    Incoming Elon Musk hate comments in 3…2…


      • Honda NSX-R

        I know 😛

  • Mr. EP9

    Something about this just reminds me of the Church of Scientology for some reason.

    • MarketAndChurch


  • Craig

    It’s foolish to expect a man who has done what Musk has done to be just a regular guy-next-door type. It doesn’t work that way. Creativity comes from unusual and unique people.

  • BGM

    Another hagiography of Saint Elon of Musk by Mr Anderson. Today he’s working 1200 hours a week to save us from global warming. Tomorrow he’ll be curing all diseases by laying of the hands. The day after he will ascend to the heaves in his rocket to sit at the left of the Father.

    • bb49

      And if he screws up he’ll be going south.

  • kachuks

    Building cars doesn’t exactly help save the planet, even if they’re electric.

    Go plant trees.

    • alex.remsen

      why don’t you go plant the trees and let him build the electric vehicles? Everybody should do what they’re best at*wink wink

      • ChrisInIL

        Musk is best at….talking about himself. Sometimes people should not do what they’re best at.

  • cpuiulet

    You’re my hero Elon. Thank you for driving a stake through the heart of the internal combustion engine. It should have been dead long ago. Anyone who still believes the internal combustion engine is the future, is fooling themselves. It’s as dead as the steam engine .

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      Nissan brought out an affordable, well-constructed and reliable EV almost two years before the overly-expensive Model S was launched. You fanboys are hilarious.

      • cpuiulet

        Anyway you dice it, the internal combustion engine stands absolutely no chance to compete with the onslaught of the electric cars. The electric motor has more torque. It is by far more reliable. Requires far, far less maintenance. Its efficiency dwarfs that of the ICE.
        No transmission necessary and its performance is head and shoulder above anything you can produce with the ICE. On a nice twisty road the Regen braking makes the car much easier to modulate because you don’t have to use the brakes as much. People are holding on to the gasoline cars because of nostalgia and fear of the unknown, but as more people go electric or plug in, I don’t see them ever going back . Even the super and hypercar manufacturers got the memo. If they want to compete, they have to go electric. I’m a fanboy, because I’ve been driving one for the past 3 years and there’s no way you can go back.

        • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

          Where did I say that EVs are not the future? I’m questioning Tesla, not electric vehicles. You know that, but you worship Elon so much that you can’t stand a bad word being said against him. You should really grow up!

          • cpuiulet

            Well, don’t need to resolve to name calling. We’re just here throwing ideas. Doesn’t matter what you or I really think of Tesla, you have to give it credit for shaking up the auto industry to it’s core. It dramatically speeded up the drive to alternative fuels. If we had more people like Elon, this world would be a little better. Not to mention, a Tesla is more sought after than a Porsche now a days. And Porsche has real racing pedigree and a long racing history .

          • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

            That’s a very grandiose yet unproven statement. How do you deem that cars from Tesla are more sort after than Porsche? There’s used Porsche 911 models on the market that fetch $600k+. Not seen anything from Tesla like that.

            People like you should be more interested that 60% of the world’s cobalt, which is used in EV batteries, comes from DR Congo. How are human rights protected? There are serious concerns over child labour, workers welfare, etc.

          • TheAmerican

            HAHAHA Tesla is more sought after than Porshce! I think I just peed from laughing so hard

          • cpuiulet

            I would love to be sitting in the new Tesla Roadster next to a slow 911 at a red light. You know the Porsche wouldn’t even try because it’s over before it started. Also, I can do that at every light. No sir, the Porsche 911 is old school. In fact any gasoline car is old school by comparison . Dress it up in all the Bluetooth tech, but it’s still 100 year old horse and carriage. The future is here, and it doesn’t run on gasoline .

          • cpuiulet 5++

  • sidewaysspin

    Most probably he’ll send other brands into bankruptcy.

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      Which brands? If Tesla continues to make tiny profits and nobody wants to buy a second generation version because of poor quality and service, they’ll go out of business. Happened with plenty of innovative car manufacturers in the 20th Century. 😂

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    The new Tesla board members really need to bring in some carers who know how to look after people with a history of substance abuse. Drug users don’t understand the outcome of their own actions. Throw egomania and vast wealth into the mix and it becomes very dangerous indeed. #PrayForElon

  • Paulo_Mathias32

    And he will do this with his strongest tool: the Twitter.

  • TheAmerican

    Steve Jobs made the world worse IMO. Now you’ve got everyone staring at their phones turning into sloths. And about 60% of crashes are due to driver distraction, which is mostly phones

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