Rebodied C5 Corvette Z06 Is A Homage To The 1953 Original

Not all restomods are successful, but some of them, like this 2001 Corvette Z06 “1953 Commemorative Edition by AAT”, come very close to hitting the sweet spot.

This rather unusual Corvette is a custom creation based off a 2001 Z06 designed by Advanced Automotive Technologies and built in limited numbers. While there isn’t a definitive number for the total of rebodied “1953 Commemorative” Corvettes manufactured (some claim that around 200 of them were made), this example is only one of the six Z06s converted by ATT.

Finished in red over a black interior, this Corvette Z06 had its fiberglass body panels replaced with new ones, designed to evoke the classic styling of the original. All new panels were fixed in the same points with the original ones, the only modification being a small recess cut into the trunk for clearance.

Since there’s no structural modifications involved, this should drive like any factory-standard Corvette Z06 of its era. The combination of the classic looks with the more modern C5 underpinnings might put of car collectors who won’t settle for anything else than the real thing.

The specific example was formerly part of the Ken Lingenfelter collection, with the odometer showing just 9,300 miles. It also happens to feature a modified LS6 by John Lingenfelter.

Unfortunately, the listing on Mecum Auctions doesn’t provide any further info on the powertrain mods, but those interested in finding out should keep an eye on the 2019 Kissimmee Auction that will take place between January 3 to 13.

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  • Christian

    look’s like the one WILL I AM got from West cost custom

    Burn it

  • Six_Tymes

    This clearly has had amazing workmanship done to it. so many many man hours went into this, and that part is impressive. But, whoever thought that meshing 50’s body style with modern should seek other kind of work, because this looks awful. On top of it, they ruined a good car. C5’s have proven to be one of the most reliable Corvettes ever, and have been climbing in value, I cant see this thing doing the same. Amazing detailed work though.

    • hkryan

      Agreed. A 50th Anniversary Z06… Sad.

  • Larry Schulin

    Oh I knew I could count on reading remarks from jealous

    I say: Remarkable piece of good ol’ American ingenuity. I love it!

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      Absolutely agree.

    • Marty

      Maybe they see it as a spit in the face of the ol’ American ingenuity that created the 1997 Corvette and the 2002 Thunderbird?

      This is good craftsmanship and horrible design. It can be both. 🙂

      • LW Schulin

        Horrible design according to you maybe. Just because one likes it or another dislikes it, neither of us speak for everyone.

        • Marty

          There isn’t enough data to make a good analysis to know if this is actually horrible design or not.
          But as a designer, my provisional professional statement is that this design is horrible and lacks an understanding of what made both the car that it once was and the car that it wants to be, good designs.

          But I am of course aware that some people enjoy horrible design, and that is totally fine. There are some horrible designs that I personally really like.

          • Larry Schulin

            I don’t enjoy horrible designs and do not view this as one. I would proudly own, and operate this work of ART!

  • Nordschleife

    The front I like but the rear with that roofline looks a bit off. Fantastic craftsmanship though.

    • paulgdeaton

      Roofline looks more “Camaro” than “Corvette”, but the rest looks great. I wonder… did they make any convertibles?

  • Kyle Davis

    Corvettes haven’t had fiberglass bodies since the C3

  • Does not compute.

  • Conrad Senior


  • Bash

    I love it. It’s not great. But I love it.

  • Aaron Frey

    I registered here, just to say I puked a little when I saw this.

    • Terrill Spencer

      I’m not a fan either if they were going nostalgia route why’d you stop with the wheels… and then the roof looks off to me also … That design is iconic but looks like crap on the this late model

  • dougt

    Cool, I’m only guessing that their next project will be a melding of a Model T and a Ford Excursion. It should look just as harmonious as thus corfusedvette

  • Alex

    Yeah strongly mixed feelings.

  • Jack Taber

    I hope they have done something with the steering and suspension as the pre 63 corvettes would beat you to death driving one, although great looking

  • Bob

    Another car bastardization. 🙄 Please, just leave the car the way it was built.

  • ProVari


  • CedarTree72

    Looks like a 2005 Thunderbird and a 1959 Cadillac had a baby.

  • Blade t

    How much money did someone blow to create this ugly thing..

  • StrangerGP

    The middle part looks too much like a normal Vette, they should’ve made changes there as well. Other than that a cool looking car.

  • brn

    I find it both fascinating and disgusting at the same time. Kind of a love / hate thing.

  • SteersUright

    Looks like a car from an anime.

  • made me smile

  • mb4design

    Saw one in Del Mar. Still looks stupid in person.

  • Merc1



  • Wandering_Spirit

    Seriously ugly. Good for the next “Cars” though. No need for CGI.

  • Kaido Alex

    I somehow find these special 2000s cars interesting.

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