Overfinch Claims Its Range Rover Body Kit Is “Minimalist”, We Beg To Differ

The general consensus is that the Range Rover Velar is so good looking, it hardly needs any styling updates. Still, aftermarket companies insist on trying to upgrade the looks of the premium SUV because… well, that’s the business they’re into.

Overfinch is one of them, and its recent body kit for the Velar plays the “bad boy” card. The tuner says the package “demonstrates minimalist design for maximum impact”, but the truth is there’s nothing minimalist about that massive rear diffuser flanked by Overfinch-branded exhaust tips.

Besides the intimidating diffuser, Overfinch’s exterior enhancements for the Velar include a front splitter, front aperture surrounds, carbon fiber radiator grille, fog light surrounds, and a roof spoiler, as well as 22-inch Estrella rims in gloss black or gloss black with diamond turned face.

All the parts (minus the rims, of course) are available in Visual Carbon Fiber or Technical Composite, with the latter described by Overfinch as a strong yet lightweight material. The components feature a high gloss finish and are available individually as well.

For example, the rear diffuser starts at £3,840 ($5,000) when made from Technical Composite. The other parts aren’t exactly cheap either: the front splitter starts at £3,015 ($3,930), the carbon fiber grille is priced from £3,300 ($4,300), and the wheel set (without tires) costs £3,894 ($5,080). The body parts get even more expensive if you opt to have them out of carbon fiber.

Despite the mean looks, the Velar doesn’t feature any performance upgrades, leaving the customer the option of staying stock or going to other tuners for more horsepower. What do you think, do Overfinch’s upgrades manage to improve the looks of the Range Rover Velar or should the stock model’s stylish design be left well alone?

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  • Kash

    For them it is surprisingly minimal.

  • Zandit75

    Damn, that is definitely NOT an improvement.

  • salamOOn

    why would anybody pay hefty prices only to downgrade the looks? this is a piece of sh*t. factory look is the best.


  • Marty

    “Minimalist bodykit”. That’s funny.

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