Elon Musk Makes Sure We See The Teaser Of Tesla’s “Cyberpunk” Truck

Tesla has dropped a single teaser image of its upcoming all-electric pickup truck – not once, but twice.

The Californian company showed the image at the conclusion of the Model Y’s unveiling late last week by flashing the picture on screen for a few seconds. However, no one noticed and Musk took to Twitter and posted the teaser so everyone could see it.

Musk has previously described the company’s first pickup truck as being a “really futuristic-like cyberpunk, ‘Blade Runner’ pickup truck.” Evidently, the vehicle will look quite a lot different from the Teslas we’ve become familiar with and the teaser image released seems to confirm that.

Mind you, the image is not that revealing. Looking it, it’s difficult to know exactly what we are looking at. One possibility is that we’re being offered a glimpse of the truck’s front end with a single LED headlight stretching the width of the vehicle and a flat, square-shaped hood. Some speculate that it could actually show the rear of the pickupm complete with a flat tonneau cover over the bed, instead.

Whatever the case may be, new details about the vehicle continue to emerge, including a planned launch later this year. Musk has previously stated that the vehicle will come equipped with an advanced suspension system that adjusts rear damping, rebound, and compression depending on what cargo the vehicle is carrying. Additionally, the pickup truck will include 360-degree cameras, sonar, and have the ability to parallel park automatically.

The Tesla pickup will offer seating for six people and probably have a range of between 400 and 500 miles (643 km – 804 km).

  • Bash

    OMG! He is taking us all to the next level. we’ve all been punked before and Now, we’lll be all Cyber Punked.

  • Mike anonymous

    I decided to do some ‘light work’ on the image. Does not seem they ‘blacked this one out’ very much, if at all. If you ask me it looks quite a lot like a literal box. (Btw the actual ‘light work’ I did is below).

    In all seriousness this actually does seem to be a box (maybe some people like that, but it’s not my cup of tea), and if anything its’ a rough sketch of the vehicles front end. The proportions and angles are off, etc… But I suppose that’s what ‘cyber-punk’ is. It seems a lot more like an artist rendering than an actual ‘teaser.

  • ejd1984

    Tesla Truck – Brought to you by Automan

  • Infinite1

    Elon is trying to hype us

  • nik

    A slab of concrete with a light bar?

  • I think this is going to be an extremely sleek automobile. I’m 95% certain that the image here is of the rear. I think the ‘Semi-pickup’ spoof image from the Semi truck launch event last year is also a bit of a hint. I envision a vehicle that slopes from the front up to the top of the cabin and then slopes off again to the rear. Imagine a tonneau cover that’s very much integrated into the cabin roof, much more a part of the pickup itself, rather than an accessory, and a panorama glass roof that may slope all the way from the rear of the cabin to the front or integrate into the front bonnet with a continuous slope to the front of the pickup. It would make for a massive cabin capable of 3 rows of seats and storage in the front. The profile would therefore be very sleek, completely defying conventional pickup design motifs, but would make for an extremely low coefficient of drag, which is the thing that Tesla would really want to accomplish with this vehicle. Also, I suspect the wheels/suspension will be very modular. Capable of a tremendous amount of adjustment for ride height and, possibly, an advanced form of independent 4-wheel steering allowing for very unusual capabilities in movement for this model.

    Knowing Tesla, they will not follow the Rivian paradigm. They’ve already established themselves in the market. They don’t have to make something familiar now to woo existing ICE drivers to EVs. That’s not the aim here….yet. Their supporters and existing customer base is cash rich, capable of having more than one model, and will go for almost any new product that Tesla thinks up. Furthermore, with pickups, the exinsting ICE market customers (I believe) are far less likely to be swayed to EVs from their ICE vehicles. These are traditionalists. Which means that in this instance, Tesla is once again creating a new segment of buyers that are EV minded from the get-go, but who want a pickup’s capability. These people will want to feel they’re purchasing a new paradigm. They can, therefore, make a bolder statement this time, and do something truly different. And, considering the premium pricing of many of the fully loaded pickups in the US market, they have a lot of room to make a premium model with ground breaking capabilities. No, they’re going to really break the mold here. That seems certain. Whatever happens, it’s going to be damned interesting.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Is that supposed to be the truck bed?


  • helloWorld

    i see the kool aid hype is still a thing here

  • JonC

    Tesla is in effect a modified Ponzi scheme. Throughout its history, the company has financed its operations by announcing a new product (originally the roadster, then the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3, the Semi, the roadster 2, and now the Model Y as well as the vaporware full self driving package) and then taking deposits for the product before it has ever designed a production system for the product. The company then spends the deposits on operating expenses and the capital expenses to manufacture the original product. When the company is close to running out of funds, the company announces a new product and takes deposits on it in order to finish the production of the first product. Since 2008, 78% of TSLA’s cash flow from operations has come from customer deposits!

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