Part Batmobile, Part Off-Road Monster: Meet The Desert Storm Trophy Truck

What you’re looking at is the Desert Storm Trophy Truck, created by a British company dubbed EPTA Design. It’s not real, but if it were to be made, it could be one of the most overt vehicles the world has ever known.

EPTA Design has designed everything from drones through to mountain bikes and yachts over the years and has also ventured into the world of automotive design. The Desert Storm Trophy Truck is bold, brash, and brutal.

The first thing that may capture your attention for the Desert Storm is the shape. Viewed from the side, the vehicle features an angular roof that stretches right through to the rear fascia and ends with two prominent points. At the rear, there is an open-bed design like typical trophy trucks with enough room to support two spare wheels and vertical LED taillights.

If Batman were to ever need a vehicle to chase bad guys off-road, this is the vehicle he would do it in. Nowhere are the batmobile credentials more obvious than the front which ditches a traditional bumper in favor of a narrow and aggressive fascia with LED daytime running lights, no windscreen, and six huge lights mounted to the roof – but no door windows. A matte black paint scheme and carbon fiber parts complete the look, because, well, it’s supposed to look [email protected], right?

So, we hear a new Batman film is said to be in the works but details it are limited. If the Dark Knight needs a road-going supercar for the film, perhaps the bespoke Lamborghini SC18 would be the tool for the job. If, however, he finds himself in need of an off-roader, the Desert Storm might just have a place in the Batcave.

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  • Six_Tymes

    it is interesting extreme design. obviously this company is hoping some saudi filth millions will come along and give them funding, and would be needed as that would surely cost a lot of money to build.

  • TheAmerican2point0

    Not really the right tires for it but okay


    • TheAmerican2point0

      Like any trophy truck. They don’t have doors.

  • VSD 奥け遺

    BMW I8 headlights anyone?

    • Smith

      That is all you could come up with, yeah, certainly looks like they ripped off the i8 for this truck.

      • VSD 奥け遺

        I said the headlights, not the whole car.

      • VSD 奥け遺

        I like the idea of it, just something I noticed.

  • SteersUright

    Love it.

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