Purple Ford GT On Huge Wheels Doesn’t Really Work, Wouldn’t You Say?

Surely a purple wrap/finish isn’t one of the first schemes that come to mind when you consider your new car’s color – and supercars are, usually, no exception.

It’s not too uncommon for owners to sometimes go with something out of the ordinary, though, just to make sure that their new shiny toy will stand out even more.

Case at hand, this Ford GT. Brought forward by HRE as a way to promote their new Series P1SC wheels, available from 19 to 23 inches in diameter, the American supercar has a few blacked-out elements and a dual stripe that runs across its entire length. And, as you can see, it rocks a purple finish.

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The wheelmaker didn’t say if this is a wrap or a paint, but a quick look at the official Ford GT configurator shows that purple isn’t among the colors offered by the Blue Oval. Instead, clients will have to limit their choices to just eight hues, including white, black, silver, blue, red and yellow. These can be contrasted by the specific stripes, available in seven different finishes. Thus, this is most likely a nicely done wrap.

We don’t know about you, but to us those rims, that must be 23-inch ones judging from how humongous they look, are simply too oversized and don’t flatter the GT’s looks. As for the wrap… well, we’d give it a try, but in the end it’s just a wrap so it can be peeled off and, maybe, replaced.

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  • TheBelltower

    I’d be okay with this. Easily

  • Alex

    Does it really look that bad?
    For a 23″ rim, I think it’s one of the few cars that could full it off.
    It reminds me of a McLaren for some reason..

  • Six_Tymes

    Best I’v seen, looks fantastic actually

  • Mike anonymous

    The size of the wheels isn’t bad in my opinion. I think what may put some people off are the vehicles’ color and choice or rim design. (maybe also the ride heigh, but that may be because they have the vehicle in track-mode which lowers the vehicles’ height slightly).

    To be honest it doesn’t look all that bad. But if there’s is anything that may be putting others (not sure who, but others) off, it’s likely more in-line with aspects and choices made in design, opposed to the choices made in dimensions.

  • Denzel

    It could be paint cause some had the offer for ok there colors just it cost more if you want something custom

  • anonymous

    Uhh 2 things you got wrong:

    1. It IS a paint. Graham Rahal ordered this exact GT, number J218, in purple shade he dubbed ‘GR Purple’.
    2. HRE P104SC is perfectly suitable and doesn’t look too big. That’s not 23-inch.

  • Bash

    I think it Does look amazing.

  • Six Thousand Times

    The wheels are silly. Graham Rahal had his GT pained purple. Dunno if that’s his car.

  • TheAmerican2point0

    Those are NOT 23″ wheels.

  • nik

    It makes me want to choke, and not in a good way

  • eb110americana

    Those are 20″ wheels (possibly 20″/21″ staggered) as you can see the size in the last picture.

    • nellydesign

      Yeah, I was gonna say. The GT is not a large car. And it has very little body work above the wheels, so the wheels it has tend to look larger than they are. No way those were 23″ wheels.

      • Rick Alexander

        When you say “The GT is not a large car”, what are you comparing it to? I’ve seen the GT a few times, and it’s far from being a small car by any means. For comparison, here’s the specs for a 2019 Corvette and a 2019 Ford GT.
        Corvette/Ford GT – wheelbase – 106.7/106.7, length – 176.9/187.5, width – 73.9/78.9, height – 48.8/43.7, weight 3,298 lbs/3,381 lbs. The Ford is considerably longer (almost 11 inches), lower by 5.1 inches, wider by 5 inches, and 83 pounds heavier. Definitely not a small car IMO. I agree that the style of wheel makes them appear larger than they are. 20’s on a car this size is not unheard of, especially when most performance cars these days come stock with 20’s. If they were black, would this even be worthy of discussing? Just sayin’ 🙂

        • TheAmerican2point0

          Compared to normal cars on the road. I new a guy who had an F150 Limited that came stock on 22″s, and those looked big on a truck. Imagine on a supercar.

          • Rick Alexander

            I agree that 22”s or 23”s on a car this size are over the top. They won’t add performance, and they look cartoonish IMHO. However, if you zoom in on the pic of the wheel, you can see that they’re actually 20”s, not 23”s as the article incorrectly states. 20”s on a sports car have become the norm. The rims are fine, although they’d probably look better in black.

  • Jo Bo


  • Zed68

    You’ve posted much much worse than this, sometimes praising it.

  • Truenorth 1960

    I like it.

  • Smith

    Ford GT doesn’t work in factory stock spec, so this one just takes ugly to a new height. UGLY!

  • Major Lee Gassole

    Purple? Not for me. The rim size looks okay to me though. A bit large, but still nicely done. Also, I’d prefer pictures that have a straight side view of the vehicle when the article mentions, “…Huge Wheels Doesn’t Really Work, Wouldn’t You Say?”

  • SteersUright

    Take away the silly white stripe and paint the wheels gunmetal or black.

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