Get A Look Inside At FCA’s Incredible New Alfa Romeo, Fiat And Lancia Heritage Museum

We’re still mourning the loss of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, but fans of classic FCA models have a new option as the automaker has opened the Heritage HUB which is designed to perverse and promote the history of the company’s Italian brands.

Located in Italy, the Heritage HUB has an exclusive display area for FCA Heritage’s Reloaded by Creators program which restores and sells classic vehicles such as this company-owned Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. The facility also has a 161,459 square foot (15,000 square meter) display area which houses more than 250 classic vehicles including some which have never been shown before.

The company bills the collection as an “educational and emotional temple” that isn’t your typical museum experience. The facility will host guided tours and the central display area has “eight thematic exhibitions, each of which highlights eight cars from different eras and brands.”

The Archistars exhibit highlights the architecture of automobiles and it prominently features a Lancia Lambda which FCA says is the “first car in the world based on a supporting unibody.” There’s also a Concept and Personalized section which features a handful of customized vehicles owned by members of the Agnelli family.

Other sections focus on eco-friendliness, racing and styling.  They feature a 1908 Fiat S61, a Lancia Aurelia B20 and a Formula 1 Lancia D50.  The Heritage HUB also includes a number of rally cars such as the Lancia Stratos HF and Fiat 124 Abarth Rally.

Of course, the Heritage HUB also features two Alfa Romeo 4C design prototypes.  Decked out in Quadrifoglio badging, the models were “meant to showcase what a possible, more aggressive version of the 4C would look like.”


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  • Six_Tymes

    would love to check this out in person

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Say what you like, the Italians know how to make good looking cars.

  • Sovereignty

    Fiat Group should have made the Lancia Fulvia a proper MX-5 rival back in 2003, instead of pussying out by working with Mazda to make the dreary Fiat 124 Spider.

  • Ken Lyns

    Picture 12/58: Fiat made Jeeps way before Fiat bought Jeep?

    • Paulbe

      Yep. So did Alfa.

  • Alexandro Pietro

    FABRICA ITALIANA AUTOMOBILI TORINO was created in 1899 as the biggest industry in Italy…

  • Alexandro Pietro

    Factory in Italy is only FIAT the others are small constructors…CAUSE of this too much rivalrys outside ITALY with FIAT!!!

  • Manuel Stallion

    Trashy junk from fiat

    • Carl Sloan

      Did you ever own a Fiat?

      • Manuel Stallion

        No, I’d rather spend my money on a Dodge or Chrysler

        • Carl Sloan

          So you think Dodge/Chrylser makes better cars than Fiat? Lmao! Talk about junk!

          I had an X1/9. It was an amazingly reliable car. Fiat is a very innovative company. The X1/9 made the mid-engined car affordable. Orherwise you had to buy a Ferrari or Lambo. The X1/9 had a DOHC engine. Virtually unheard of at the time. Disc brakes were standard on all 4 wheels. Almost nobody offered that.

          This is an Alfa AND Fiat AND Lancia museum, not just Fiat. Lancia has made many dominant rally cars including the Lanca Rally, 037 and Stratos.

          Ever heard of an Alfa Tipo 33 Stradale? They’re not valued at over $10 million for no reason.

          Meanwhile, Chrysler can’t figure out how to build a reliable automatic transmission.

          • Manuel Stallion

            Its amazing watching millions of people worldwide refusing to spend their hard earned money on fiat Yugo trash. The only people that’s willing to look at fiat trash is people in Italy.

          • Carl Sloan

            If one mentions Fiat and all you can think of is Yugo, you know nothing about cars. Nothing.

          • Manuel Stallion

            If one mentions Chrysler and all you can think of is transmissions then you know nothing about cars, nothing. There is nothing great about fiat and its struggling pathetic operations in Europe or Brazil. If it weren’t for Chrysler and its consistent profits, factory-Italy-automobile-Turin would be dead. They need to thank GM for giving them 2 billion dollars to go away back in 2004. I know more about fiat and its cheap little trash vehicles that no one wants. As far as transmissions go, fiat don’t make great automatic transmission, they buy them from suppliers just like other companies.

          • Carl Sloan

            Chrysler, lol. Case closed.

          • Rufus

            you should turn your interest from cars to crochet because your opinion about cars in general and fiat in specific is hilarious

        • R55

          The last good Dodge was in the 90’s, that was the OG Viper.

          • Manuel Stallion

            The 2017 viper was even better.

  • Giannis Antypas

    Lada’s anywhere ?

  • Giannis Antypas

    Derived? It was straightforward a Fiat 124, the italian design in its best.
    And as it was made for Europeans, it was a landmark for making Fiats repitation around the world.
    And of course we see Lada’s everywhere in the world,
    they are being constantly produced in large supplies
    so that noone misses them and can get a new one after their short life cycle.

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