Sono To Build Sion Solar Car At Former Saab Plant In Sweden

German’s Sono will join forces with NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) in order to build its series production solar-powered Sion EV at Saab’s former manufacturing facility in Trollhattan, Sweden.

The five-door hatchback will go into production next year, with the factory estimated to roll out some 43,000 vehicles per year, reports Autonews Europe. Sono will build 260,000 vehicles in total over an eight year period.

Sono has been test driving the Sion in Europe since 2017, a car whose solar cells (330 of them) are built into the surface of its panels. In terms of range, solar power can help you cover 21 miles (34 km), although if you charge it in a more conventional way via a power outlet, you could travel 155 miles (250 km) on a single charge.

The German startup also wants to fit the car with integrated sharing options, allowing the owner to offer rides using an app. Meanwhile, a bi-directional charging function enables the Sion to receive electricity and feed it to other vehicles (or into the grid) at the same time.

Another interesting fact about the Sion is that it features a natural air-filtration system dubbed ‘breSono’, which uses electro-static gravitation to filter up to 20% of particulate matter out of the air.

As for how much it will cost, Sono is aiming for a price tag of 25,500 euros ($28,680), with 9,800 orders having already been placed.

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  • ME

    Come on here: Sono reminds me of Sonos
    Sion ” ” of Scion
    And they are using BMW parts, in an old SAAB plant, talk about being original here.

    • Stephen G

      What’s the big deal? Do you think that a 7 Series doesn’t have any Smart parts or Mini parts or VW parts or other BMW parts in it? Would you feel better if they tore the old Saab factory down and built a new one? And nobody cares if something reminds you of something else. How’s your car company coming along?

  • No matter how innovative this might be, if it looks like that its doomed.

    • blunt-o

      Neil fellows is a cashier at an Exxon station in Tumblehasse , Mississippi.

  • Bash

    I didn’t know they still do/develop/discuss solar powered cars now, that was a thing in the nineties but now!

    • That time the solar panels were so far away in development that they would give you perhaps 1km of juice a day. Now we are talking about 34kms that’s enough to cover the daily needs of most people. Massive difference. While obviously 34kms will not happen unless you live in California, even a daily self-charge of 5-10kms is huge.

      • Bash

        I totally see your point man. I guess unless and until the technology of those solar panels allows to charge the EV batteries fast enough and good enough, I do t see any efficient use right now and we are still decades away from -life style-.

  • kandra

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