Audi E-Tron SUV With Vegan Interior Trim Sounds… Yummy?

Audi says it is considering selling the e-tron SUV with a number of vegan interior trims to make the vehicle even more environmentally friendly.

During a recent interview with Motor 1, Audi e-tron product manager Matt Mostafaei revealed that the German automaker has received some requests for buyers who want to reduce their carbon footprint further with different interiors.

“We’ve had some customer requests for that. And definitely moving forward, we’re looking at all sorts of new materials, both for inlays, and trims, seats, and things like that are more environmentally friendly,” Mostafaei said. “If you remember our e-tron GT debut, it had a fully recycled, fully vegan interior. We used fish nets and things like that in the car. So that kind of shows where we’re looking and where we’re headed in terms of sustainability in the interior.”

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In recent years, a large number of car manufacturers have started to offer alternatives to traditional interiors often dominated by leather. Nowadays, discerned car buyers have a number of different materials which mimic leather to choose from, including the seats of current Tesla models which are synthetic leather. Mercedes-Benz is also one of the most experienced car manufacturers when it comes to developing synthetic leather with its ‘Artico’ material which even has a scent similar to the real thing.

Customer deliveries of the e-tron SUV only recently commenced across Europe and U.S. deliveries start this month. Audi initially planned on building 55,830 examples of the SUV in 2019 but, according to recent reports, this figure has been revised to 45,242 units.

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  • Exotics

    Has a range of 189 miles on 100%. So real world driving – 150 miles. Oh and it starts at only $75,000

    Watch out Tesla

    • Agree. I would expect that kind of range from a budget brand like Kia, but from Audi it’s unacceptable. Rushed to market maybe?

    • DanSemering

      But it does have the same color on the interior doors and doesn’t catch fire by itself

  • salamOOn

    “German automaker has received some requests for buyers who want to reduce their carbon footprint further with different interiors”

    hmmm….. so you wanna reduce your carbon footprint ? then don’t buy a car………

  • Howfarr

    Vegan is a bullshit word.
    If its been processed by man in any way, its not truly Vegan.

    If you want to reduce your carbon footprint don’t buy a new car…!

    • Howfarr

      Also i’m sure the ‘Vegans’ would weep with joy if they saw the effects of up-scaling Nickel and Cobalt mining to cope with demand for batteries

      • There is bigger bad and much smaller bad. I would definitely go for the latter.

    • Ever looked up how much water and energy it takes to raise a cow? Ethical questions aside.

      • Sovereignty

        I think you’ll find that the water and enegy to create a car itself far outweighs that of raising cows – some of which go to making the interior.

        Nice interior. Tasty food.

        • I’m sure you taste good too. There are way too many humans anyway. You would look great on my dash!

      • Howfarr

        Most vehicle interior ‘leather’ is synthetic

  • Why would you want to have dead animal skin in your car anyway?

    • Sovereignty

      Because we should be able to have a choice. I prefer it to the heavy Japanese wool interiors and old school shiny plastic alternatives.

  • jeraldine

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  • GobbleUp

    Don’t get cute Audi. Fix the poor range and performance relative to Tesla. Then talk.

  • Enter Ranting

    That’s a big grille for an electric car!

  • DanSemering

    Possibility vs fact.
    I got 3 recalls letters for my Toyota.
    I actually appreciate that for a car company. I didn’t see a Tesla recall.

  • SteersUright

    Gorgeous interior and that blue color is stunning.

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