Tesla Model Y Snapped On The Road For The First Time

A Tesla Model Y has been snapped driving in public for the very first time since the EV was unveiled a couple of months ago.

Tesla doesn’t intend on commencing deliveries of the first Model Ys until the fall of 2020, leading us to believe that the Model Y pictured is an early prototype built by the company. The Model Y is painted in a dark shade of blue and following the electric SUV was a Tesla Model S camera car, indicating that the automaker might be shooting some promotional content of its latest model.

Even prior to the Model Y premiering back in March, we were quite certain that it would look like a cross between the Model 3 sedan and the Model X SUV. That’s exactly what it looks like and this image of the SUV on the road just how familiar the styling of the vehicle is. From a distance, it could easily be mistaken for a Model 3.

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Tesla intends on offering the Model Y in four different configurations. Sitting at the base of the range will be the Standard Range model starting at $39,000. The next most affordable model in the family will be the Tesla Model Y Long Range, priced from $47,000 and fitted with a battery pack offering up 300 miles (482 km) of range.

One step up in the range will land you in the Model Y Dual Motor AWD. This model sacrifices 20 miles of range from the Long Range but makes up for it with improved performance. Topping out the Model Y family will be the Performance, powered by a pair of electric motors that launches the SUV to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.5 seconds.

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  • Adilos Nave

    It’s so ugly that it’s comical.

    • McFly

      Especially since the S looks so good. It’s like Tesla don’t understand their own design.

  • Mark Ramsey


  • Sovereignty

    Will current Tesla owners make a repeat purchase? Unlikely given the vast amounts of negative reliabilty comments on the owners forums.

    • TheBelltower

      A lot of those comments are not real.

      • Sovereignty

        Of course you’d say that. You’re another one of those that worships the ground Saint Elon of Twitter walks on.

        • Dude

          Of course you’d say that. You’re another one of those that spits on the ground Saint Elon of Twitter walks on.

        • GobbleUp

          LMAO at the uninformed H8

    • GobbleUp

      Love mine, on my second purchase already. Never one day out of service.

      Every car mfg has issues, and complainers.


    • BlackPegasus

      From the comments I’ve read, most of the complaints center around sales and service. One owner on Reddit made a post about the door handle on his Model S no longer presenting itself on the driver’s side door. Tesla told him there were no openings to service his car for weeks. So he has to enter his car from the passenger side.

    • Richard Alexander

      Another reason they won’t: because Teslas are to this bubble what Hummers were to the last one . They are just showy status symbols that are not practical. They have their charms, but when real quality carmakers like Porsche wnter the game its over. Plis, we are also way overdue for a recession…..

  • Mr. EP9

    “Tesla doesn’t intend on commencing deliveries of the first Model Ys until the fall of 2020”

    They might have to rethink that timeline, or find another supplier, considering Panasonic made it clear they won’t have the capacity to keep up and would lead to a battery shortage.

  • TheBelltower

    I gotta say, it looks really dumpy from that angle. Hopefully Tesla will take another look at that rear end treatment.

  • bd0007

    Both the Model X and Y resemble humpback whales and really don’t see the point as their sharply sloping rooflines defeat the entire purpose of having a CUV.

    • GobbleUp

      “Y” as the name is very appropriate…why indeed with that lame shape.

    • Dylan Wentworth

      CUV bubble wagons are entirely self defeating.

  • Rocket

    Less appealing than the suppository it attempts to replicate.

  • An Existing Person

    That is absolutely atrocious. The Model S is the only competent and proportioned looking model in their lineup. They did well on that design but get progressively worse with each new model they release.

  • Giuliano Anzuini


  • Harry_Wild

    The matted gray Tesla S boom/camera car looks very attractive! Cannot wait for the S updated interior to be release!

  • Enter Ranting

    It’s homely looking, just when the major manufacturers are readying their entries into the segment.

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