Lego Technic Model Previews 2020 Land Rover Defender

An image showing the 2020 Land Rover Defender model from Lego Technic has surfaced online thanks to Jalopnik.

It is no secret that the all-new generation Defender is just around the corner and in the midst of a gruelling testing schedule throughout the world. However, the British car manufacturer has kept it under heavy camo so far, hiding its exterior design details. If , however, the Lego Technic model proves to be accurate, the new Defender won’t look drastically different than the one we’re familiar with.

In recent months, spy photographers have snapped the new SUV during testing in both three- and five-door guises. The Lego Technic model is a three-door and supports boxy wheel arches, squared headlights, a green exterior, and a white roof. The set consists of 2,573 parts and likely be launched shortly after Land Rover presents the actual car, most likely at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

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In addition to producing the new Defender in three- and five-door forms, Land Rover will sell the vehicle in short- and long-wheelbase versions. The vehicle will be built alongside the Discovery at JLR’s plant in Nitra, Slovakia.

Meanwhile, an image reportedly showing the interior of the new Defender emerged online a few months ago. The cabin included a fully-digital gauge cluster, wireless charging, a four-spoke steering wheel, and a prominent touchscreen infotainment system in the center of the dashboard.

Various powertrains will be offered, among which 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol and diesel units and a petrol-electric hybrid similar to the one in the Range Rover Sport.

  • Frase

    In Lego form at least it doesn’t look like they butchered it, though these particular models never quite capture the whole, nuanced picture.

  • 2PacOfCarscoop

    I don’t understand? So the upcoming Defender gonna be made out of LEGO? Someone please explain…

    • Finkployd

      it is! as part of Jaguar Land Rover new revolutionary scalable architecture

      • McFly

        Actually, I usually say that “platform sharing” is like a common set of Lego parts, and not an actual chassis that they put different car bodies on, like some people seem to believe.

    • salamOOn

      after the crash you will simply put it together again and you can continue like nothing happened.

      • 2PacOfCarscoop

        are you taking the pllss on me? Realz?

      • CarCzarDesigner

        Thumbs up. Great reply!

      • Bash

        Gold. lol

      • McFly

        And then you step on a neck rest left on the ground, and it hurts like hell.

  • Bash

    From the spy shots and teasers I seen, this looks much better than the real thing.

  • Rzrlf

    About time they started molding fender flares, really looks good

  • Hi I am Zako

    I mean previewing from a lego model doesn’t sound very right to me. It takes a whole new level of imagination to be able to do so. Take a look at this 720s 😛
    (Jk, I know this is a technic)


    I’m sure a custom aftermarket team could fill an order book…building these in full scale.

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