New Ecurie LM69 Reimagines The Classic Jaguar XJ13 Racer For The Road

Ecurie Cars has dropped the first official images of the limited-edition LM69 supercar, a re-imagination of the iconic Jaguar XJ13 endurance racer.

Back in 1966, Jaguar created the XJ13 prototype racer -the brand’s first mid-engined car- to defend the company’s crown in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, and due to a regulation change, the car never actually raced.

Ecurie Cars says that it will build the LM69 in just 25 examples, with power coming from a quad-cam V12 engine, just like the original. The company’s brief was to remain true in spirit and sympathetic to the XJ13’s styling but the LM69 comes with a fixed roof and a new aero agenda that includes a incorporated rear wing.

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The UK-based company used composite materials in the LM69’s construction, making it lighter than the original car. The bodywork’s aero agenda features “experimental aerodynamic devices” according to Ecurie, with the car also fitted with wider wheels and a “much-improved” engine.

Despite these differences, the Ecurie LM69 adheres to the regulations of the time, featuring technology used in racing no later than early 1969. Production will take place at Ecurie’s home in the UK, with each example to be hand-built by the “best British craftsmen in their field”.

Ecurie Cars didn’t announce any technical details of the LM69 just yet, but we imagine they will during the model’s official public debut at the Hampton Court Palace’s International Concours of Elegance in London on September 6.

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  • Six_Tymes

    Ill cry if they produce this, cry because I will never be able to own one.

    • YOU CRY over stuff like that? What about real world problems? People who still got problems with genders and so?

      • Jean Mirabel

        Wow, do you seriously have to bringup such a subject to a simple comment? Don’t be surprised no one appreciates you. This is not the right place to fight for your cause.

        Anyhow, Six_Tymes that’s really sad! Such a gorgeous piece of design, great to see people still appreciate the classics!

      • Bob

        Lol this is a joke right? It must be.

    • Jay_Sam

      Me too bro. It is painfully gorgeous!

  • Jay_Sam

    Leave the stunning design alone and just look at the livery on top. Triggers the roots of my manhood violently the same way as Porsche Spyder did to James May.

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