BMW To Invest More On New Mini Crossovers In A Bid To Regain Market Share

Mini plans to add more crossovers and two-door hatches into its range in a bid to lure more customers into the brand.

BMW, which owns Mini, is willing to invest more into its iconic British brand but not without acknowledging the challenges of selling small cars to the US market.

BMW Group sales boss Pieter Nota spoke to AutoNews about MIni’s future, saying that turning around the brand’s business in the US will require new products. Without revealing any specific plans, Nota said that the small crossover segment is going to grow significantly in the near future.

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The German carmaker knows customers that used to belong to Mini are now ditching small cars in favor of roomy crossovers. BMW wants Mini to play a leading role in USA’s luxury small-car segment despite competitors getting out of it.

“We are optimistic that with the new models that will come‚ including the Mini Electric, but also John Cooper Works, we can see a healthy future for the Mini brand in the U.S.,” Nota said.

BMW’s sales boss sees the competition’s capitulation as a big chance for Mini to consolidate market share. “Unlike some of our competitors, we are not turning our back to the U.S.,” Nota said. “We see that even as an opportunity.”

Electrified powertrains will play a major role for future Mini models but BMW Group execs remain silent about plans to electrify the entire Mini range. Instead, Nota said that ICE engines will keep powering some of the future Minis, including the sportier John Cooper Works models.

“We see certainly a significant role for electric in Mini. But there is also going to be a place for our John Cooper Works because there is serious customer demand there,” he said. “So, we will also have some really exciting combustion engines for the Mini brand.”

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  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    So they axe models and now they are going to release more models ……….. ay?

  • Justin Spencer

    Mini was popular at a time when retro looking cars were popular…..the gimmick wore off! Now cars like the Beetle, PT Cruiser, HHR and Flex almost look ridiculous and awkward on the road. Currently, the 500 and the Cooper are suffering the same fate. Front wheel drive sub-compact hatchbacks just aren’t all that practical considering they cost nearly as much as a more substantial sub-compact crossover with all-wheel drive. Furthermore, the most recent generation Mini’s look ridiculously cartoonish with a rather bland, cheap looking interior and that “circles everywhere” styling is beyond tiresome!

    Mini needs to go back to the drawing board and design something that captures the freshness of the original and format it into something for the ‘20’s. All wheel drive on everything first of all! A fresh Cooper hardtop with 180+ standard horsepower and all wheel drive for less than $25K might bring some customers back as well as create new ones. EV variants are definitely a must and if good enough, could bite into the strong EV sales In Europe at the very least. The S version should be a screamer with 300+ standard horsepower and blow the pants off the GTI and Focus RS!
    There definitely has to be MORE of a reason to buy a Mini because right now, there’s more reasons not too!

  • ME

    The Rocketman is on it’s way but what will really excite the automotive world is the mini superleggera

  • OdysseyTag

    They could always resurrect Paceman, give it more doors and rejig it’s placement in the range. Also revive the Mini Moke as a modern utilitarian vehicle to rival the Jimmy’s, Wrangler’s and Defender’s of the world.


    by sacrificing the 3 door cooper models because 3 door hatchbacks are dead

  • ThatGuy

    The greatest stumbling block i can foresee for Mini Cooper will be their pricing.

    A stard spec Mini SUV will be priced at the Mid to High spec Tuson/Tiguan.
    The Mini will be smaller with a slightly dynamic drive, a dynamic drive that means little to family moving moms and dad, who are the target market that sort of are in the affordability bracket. So i know they will be priced out.

    Plus they wont do SUV’s(I stand under correction) rather crossovers, but a cross over priced at CX 5 levels.
    I don’t see BMW allowing a X1 sized Mini SUV either. So i dont see it working.

    I hope they do find a new breath of life but they are quickly falling back.
    They could, despite the backlash from certain people, start larger SUV’s and Hatch backs.
    I know people will say but thats not “Mini” anymore, but sorry to say people are buying bigger cars.

    Their ethos will have to change in similar stead to Hyundai and Kia or Peugeot to reinvent themselves.
    People loved the Peugeot 205, great car but their new cars are still good, decent dynamics and comfortable.
    Traits normal to non-car people like. Even as an enthusiast i dont own a drivers car, my daily commute is tedious and traffic filled. With my Seat Cupra the ride was so still my lower back killed me. So got a Lexus. It is what it is

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