MINI Cooper SE Breaks Cover With 181 HP Electric Motor, Up To 167 Miles Of Range

MINI has just launched its first-ever fully electric, zero emissions model in the Cooper SE, a car that features a 135 kW (184 PS / 181 HP) motor, front wheel drive and a lithium-ion battery that offers a range of 235 to 270 km (146 to 167 miles).

Since the battery is positioned deep within the vehicle floor, the car comes with no limitations in terms of luggage space, remaining just as practical as any regular MINI 3-door model.

Distinctive styling

The MINI Cooper SE is of course, instantly recognizable as a MINI 3-door. However, there are also precisely applied accents that indicate its emissions-free drive system. So aside from the charger port (located above the right-hand rear wheel), there’s also an embossed MINI Electric logo, while yellow versions of this signet can be found on the lateral turn indicator inserts, as well as on the tailgate and front grille, which features a hexagonal contour.

Further styling features include the yellow decorative bar on the front fascia, more yellow on the exterior mirror caps, standard LED headlights and optional 17-inch alloy wheels with an asymmetrical design.

Pure driving fun

According to the British automaker, the MINI Cooper SE is quite fun to drive thanks to its 135 kW (184 PS / 181 HP) electric motor, which also provides you with 270 Nm (200 lb-ft) of instant torque. Power is sent exclusively to the front wheels through a transmission with a single-stage configuration and an integrated differential. In a straight line, the all-electric MINI can accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.3 seconds and max out at 150 km/h (93 mph).

It also features a distinctive sound generated via a speaker system, guaranteeing “an acoustic presence on the road that is typical of MINI”.

The 32.6 kWh battery can be charged to 80% of its full capacity in two and a half hours using either its standard charging cable or the three-phase cable (for public charging stations). In order to get it up to 100%, you’ll need to wait three and a half hours. However, if you use a DC fast-charging station, you can achieve that 80% charge in just 35 minutes.

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As for what it’s like on the road, the driver can select between four different modes (Sport, MID, Green and Green+). In Sport mode, the steering is more direct and the drive system responds more spontaneously. Both MID and Green modes feature comfort-oriented steering characteristics, whereas Green+ is geared towards maximum efficiency.

Also worth noting is the fact that the new MINI Cooper SE is the first-ever electrically-powered BMW Group product in which the driver can influence the degree of recuperation efficiency via a toggle switch. You can choose between intense or only low-level recuperation with the relevant deceleration impact.

Modern interior with plenty of tech

Inside the MINI Cooper SE you get Double Stripe Carbon Black fabric seats as standard (Trim S), with a fabric/leather combo also available if you opt for Trim M or Trim L packages. Meanwhile, the MINI Yours Lounge Carbon Black leather seats are included in the Trim XL package. Further color customization options are also available, both inside and out.

In terms of tech, there’s satellite navigation as standard (6.5-inch touchscreen), Remote Services, Apple CarPlay, the eDrive screen central instrument display, 2-zone automatic air conditioning with heat pump technology and auxiliary heating, an electric parking brake and an optional 8.8-inch Connected Navigation Plus touchscreen with Telephony and Wireless Charging.

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  • ME

    If I were living in the EU or UK or whatever you call that place ruled by Brussels, I would go with the Honda E. I don’t want any of my money going to those pinheads.

  • Erm… 135kw battery?! Are we sure?!

  • cat

    Only 235 to 270 kilometers (146 to 167 miles)of range no thanks i choose the OPEL CORSA E that is better with a electric range between 330 kilometers( 205 milles) or 340 kilometers (211) milles of range

    • ME

      They want the suckers to buy first models while they already have double range ready.

  • Felipe Politano

    Yeah, now I get all the BMW executives being thrown under the metaphorical bus for not taking EVs seriously… I mean… that is a mediocre effort at best, for a brand that apparently has a perfect fit for electric mobility…

    • Absolutely spot on, this is a poor effort at best. BMW were (and still are) fast asleep when it comes to EVs.

  • Mr. EP9

    I don’t know why I was expecting more range out of this.

    • SteersUright

      me too…how disappointing. Mini’s are supposed to be small, exciting, and beautifully detailed…this just isnt that.

  • Carenthusiast

    So 0 to 60 is slower than Cooper S and Cooper SD? Doesn’t make sense

    • Matt

      It only has a 32kw/h battery. To produce a quicker time you would need to draw more power from the battery and significantly reduce range.

  • chris

    another embarrassing release from bmw, whats new…

  • SteersUright

    So many missed opportunities here, BMW is clearly just letting Mini deteriorate as I haven’t seen any exciting news in years (crazy expensive ultra JCW remains an unknown).
    Also, 7.3 sec? That just isn’t very exciting, especially considering the price tag of these. Also, doesn’t electrification present so many new opportunities here? Perhaps now make the Mini Cooper RWD or AWD, lower the CG, fix the ugly front overhang, etc. This isnt news…this is a boring result of some marketing exec saying, “hey, Mini needs something EV stat…just throw something out there.”

    • Matt

      Well you can’t do much when it’s just an EV version of an ICE car. All the ‘drastic’ changes you’re looking for will eventuate when they build a ground-up electric MINI. Also, a RWD Cooper? That goes against the brand’s heritage.

  • Matt

    The wheels I can understand but the grille suits the car fine.


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