Porsche Could Use Cayman GT4’s New Flat-Six In Other Models

Porsche has hinted the naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine in the 718 Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder could be used in other models.

Prior to their introduction, it was believed the cars would use a detuned version of the flat-six that powers the 911 GT3. However, the company went a different route.

Instead, the flat-six powering the duo is actually based on a comprehensively modified version of the turbocharged 3.0-liter engine that powers the 911 Carrera.

“Actually, it’s a bespoke new engine – it’s from the 9A2 family and we call it the ‘Evo’,” Porsche GT division boss Andreas Preuninger told Car Throttle at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. “We made a new crankcase, new cylinder heads, new pistons, new crankshaft, new rods.”

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“It’s a massive effort [to develop the engine]. We believe in normally-aspirated engines, especially for cars in that niche – puristic cars. To be frank with you, we can use this engine in the future for other models maybe as well,” Preuninger added.

Quizzed about whether this meant the new engine could be used by non-GT models from Porsche, Preuninger responded “We have to see.”

Porsche could have theoretically used the 911 GT3 engine in the new Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder but, according to the GT division boss, doing so wouldn’t have made sense.

“The GT3 engine, you cannot compare it [to the 9A2 Evo] – we can’t use it here…you can make it fit in with a hammer and take sheet metal out, but that’s not fit for mass production,” he said, adding that you “don’t need a titanium conrod set on a car with 414 hp” like the GT3 features.

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  • MarkoS

    Get it the regular Boxster.

    • Ben

      Oh, it won’t be a regular Boxtster, but another special edition that will “retail” for $120k, but will go no lower than $480k on the secondary market. Porsche is a mastermind at that kind of stuff.

      “Oh, you love this feature of our vehicles?”
      *Snatches it away, lets enthusiast cry*
      “Okay, we’ll give it back…in this limited edition model for a special price

      • CarCzarDesigner

        What’s wrong with making a profit? …And why is it wrong for manufactures to make special editions, where they charge more for more powerful, tuned editions?

        • Ben

          There is nothing wrong with it, however, it can be interpreted as bad business by taking away a customer loved feature and then putting it back in the car at an exorbitant price compared to the original vehicle.

          Example: Dyson makes vacuum that does well. People love it. Then, Dyson takes out a special feature that made it so great, but fear not. Dyson then puts that feature in a commemorative edition and it cost nearly 2-3times the cost of the original Dyson.

          Is there anything illegal or wrong? Not really, but its not something that is customer friendly. Coke did the same thing, offering a “new recipe” that they knew was gross. They then came back with Coke classic!

  • G1467

    Does this engine have a proper dry sump like the GT2, GT3, and Turbo models?

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