Bugatti Wants To Spoil Rich Kids With An Incredibly Detailed $33k Electric Toy Car

Bugatti has unveiled the first Baby II prototype during the celebrations for the company’s 110th anniversary as the greatest junior car ever created.

Earlier this year, at the Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti showcased the Baby II as a 3D-printed model, which caused customers to rush in and secure all of the 500 examples in just three weeks. Prices start from 30,000 euros ($33k at the current exchange rates).

To create the Baby II, Bugatti partnered with The Little Car Company. Every single component of the 1924 Type 35 Lyon Grand Prix car was digitally scanned while a modern electric powertrain with a lithium ion battery pack and regenerative braking were incorporated into the design seamlessly.

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The Bugatti Type II is a 75 percent scale replica of the original Type 35, enabling it to be driven by both adults and children. It comes with a sliding pedal box, replicated eight-spoke alloy wheels with modern Michelin rubber, as well as a reproduced hollow front axle, suspension and steering mechanism.

The world’s most engineered junior car comes with two selectable power modes: a 1kW child mode with a top speed of 12 mph (20km/h) and a 4kW adult mode, where the Baby II can reach 28 mph (45 km/h) flat out. Each car will come with two removable battery pack sizes, including the standard 1.4 kWh unit and the long-range 2.8 kWh unit. With the latter fitted, Bugatti claims a driving range of more than 18 miles (30 km).

The cockpit features a turned aluminum dash with custom Bugatti instruments, including a speedometer, battery level indicator and a power gauge, just like the Chiron and Veyron. The fuel pressure pump has been digitally replicated and repurposed as a forward/reverse control while standard kit includes a horn, rear-view mirror, handbrake and a remote control to disable the junior car from a distance. The dash also hosts a plaque with the chassis number while the famous Macaron badge on the nose is made of 50g of solid silver, just like the Chiron.

Of course there will be three specifications to choose from: the base Baby II that features a composite body; the Baby II Vitesse that comes with a carbon-fiber body and a ‘Speed Key’; and finally the Baby II Pur Sang which will wear a hand-crafted aluminum body and also get the ‘Speed Key’.

If you still want to spoil your offspring but didn’t make it on the reserve list, Bugatti invites you to register your interest in case a prospective buyer comes to his senses and buy an actual car with his money instead.

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  • salamOOn

    its cute and nice, but its also incredible waste of money and resources.

    • blabberbobber

      Hence the “rich kid” title.

      • salamOOn

        and? that title is not changing anything, its still waste of money and resources….

        • Richard Alexander

          That “waste: is money” is going to pay salaries for the artisans who build it, and pays the suppliers who provide the materisals, pay for the space where it is manufactured, and yes pay taxes. The money doesn’t just go into a black hole….

          • salamOOn

            “…this is dangerous thinking. Yes it would be nice to just shower the money on the poor.”

            that was not my point. im pretty practical person who likes things and solutions that makes sense, and provide as much benefit and usability as possible.

            for me, this is just super overpriced toy. all that “artisans, suppliers, taxes” would exist even without this nonsense marketing product. a.k.a. “Status bragging thing” for instagram photos.

          • CarCzarDesigner

            If you really feel that way, then why are you commenting on this site? What could you possibly care for automobiles? You shouldn’t! You should be doing research on how to help people with mental illness and drug addiction. So, why are you wasting your own time logging in and wasting your own resources, making irrelevant comments here. What? You just like making people feel bad about their hobbies?

          • salamOOn

            jeeez…. completely misunderstood.

          • CarCzarDesigner

            No! You are not misunderstood. We get it!

          • salamOOn

            if you think so…..

          • Marc Gruben

            You are 100% correct that this is a “super overpriced toy/ incredible waste of money and resources” but what Bugatti / Lamborghini / Ferrari / Rolls Royce / Bentley etc isn’t? That’s where the danger of your statement lies. If i were a Soviet kommissar I could just as easily say that nobody really needs anything more than a Lada, and that all “luxury” goods are unnecessary, and that the artisans and suppliers would better serve the State by making tanks & guns, or processed food products, or pencils for schoolkids.

            It’s much better to celebrate the silliness of this product and to thank God that we live in a world where such a product can exist. Without aspiration, there’s really no need for inspiration.

    • Porkopolis

      Well, it’s a Bugatti.

  • Knarck

    Its almost full scale, sell it with the Tesla battery and motor and id buy one! lol

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Love the “1 percent” tag, guys. Nice work.

  • TrevP

    I’d buy one! for me of course.

  • Richard Alexander

    Awesome but I think it would be a rare little kid that would dig a Type 33. I didn’t get them until I was a full adult.


  • onthetrack

    This is so awesome! Made by Bugatti for only $33K! It’s ALMOST the size of the original and built for adults too. Obviously top speed isn’t the same but being all-electric I wonder how quick the acceleration is.

  • Porkopolis


    • benT

      he’s taller than his dad and mum both now……………….

  • Ben

    Up and coming rappers are gonna love this. They can legitimately say they’ve bought a new ‘gatti.

  • badcyclist

    If I were (a) rich and (b) lived in a retirement community, I would totally buy one to cruise the neighborhood.

  • john1168

    Wow! I’m old and I want one of these!

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