Chevrolet Blazer XL Outed In China, Will Be Available In Both Five- And Seven-Seat Configurations

Chevrolet is working on a larger, seven-seat version of the Blazer that has just made an appearance thanks to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Unsurprisingly, the crossover looks virtually identical to the standard Blazer. However, it has a significantly longer rear end, which is instantly obvious from the larger third quarter windows.

While the Ministry’s website has been finicky today, Indian Autos Blog reports the Blazer XL measures 196.8 inches (4,999 mm) long, 76.9 inches (1,953 mm) wide and 68.3 inches (1,736 mm) tall, with a wheelbase that spans 112.7 inches (2,863 mm), which makes it 5.4 inches (137 mm) longer, 0.2 inches (5 mm) wider and 1.3 inches (34 mm) taller than the standard Blazer. Since the wheelbase remains unchanged, all that extra length has been tacked onto the rear end.

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In China, the model will reportedly be offered in five- and seven-seat configurations. It will also be available with only one engine option, a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that produces 227 HP (169 kW / 230 PS), and exclusively with front-wheel drive.

The crossover is expected to be offered in additional markets, including the United States. While nothing is official yet, the U.S. version could get assortment of engines, including a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 193 HP (144 kW / 196 PS) and 188 lb-ft (255 Nm) of torque, a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder developing 230 HP (172 kW / 233 PS) and 258 lb-ft (350 Nm), or a 3.6-liter V6 which with 308 HP (230 kW / 312 PS) and 270 lb-ft (366 Nm). Besides having more engine options, the US-spec variant could also be offered with all-wheel drive as well in order to cater to those living in northern states.

Thanks to Joe for the tip!

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  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Look at those headlights.

  • Dennis Scipio

    It’s so weird seeing the badge for the Make and Model written out like that.

  • DM

    Cadillac XT6 is that you?

    • I think this is even better than the XT6. Looks more substantial.

  • ErnieB

    Gm really F’ed the blazer..

  • FordMopar

    What’s with China’s obsession of long wheel base of any vehicles? I remember they had Ford Edge stretched out. Couldn’t get an Explorer? Have they seen the current Flex? They would be all over that! Longest crossover out there. Limo like in the back.

    • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

      I China LWB is seen as more prestigious for some reason.

    • Rocket

      Being chauffeured in China is a sign of status. LWB models often provide significantly more legroom for well-to-do passengers.

      • FordMopar

        I knew they like to be chauffeured around but in a Blazer? Lol

        • Rocket

          You questioned the desire for longer wheelbases. The Blazer only has one wheelbase. It’s the rear overhang that’s increased on the 3-row model. So no … the wealthy will most likely not be chauffeured in a Blazer.

      • iggination

        Bring driven in the back of a Blazer. That’s some serious bragging rights!

  • Paul

    The front design is still awful.


      Compare this to the Santa Fe, the Hyundai has more appealing look than that Blazer.

      • Paul

        Agree with that. At least the Sana Fe looks like they tried to stylize it to make it much more appealing vs. the big blocky hole on the Chevy.

  • diesel_vdub

    What’s the point? Just get the Traverse, they are built on the same platform.

    • Rocket

      The Traverse is massive … more than 7″ longer than the Blazer XL.

  • WalthamDan

    What’s with this latest obsession of trying to make the roof appear to be floating with some sort of black trim detail near the D pillar. It doesn’t work well on others either like the RAV4.

    • Nowan

      it doesn’t work in any other cars

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