Digital Keys Are Getting Smarter, Will Provide Access Even If Your Smartphone Is Dead

In the future, owners won’t even need to pull out their smartphone to unlock their car.

Renault Wants To Offer A Hot Zoe RS Electric Hatch By 2022

Renault’s will to lead the EV race will probably give us the first electric hot hatch.

Renault Arkana Tipped To Launch In Europe By 2021

If the project gets green lit, it should sport a few changes and it will slot between the subcompact Captur and compact Kadjar.

Renault To Launch European Version Of The City K-ZE EV

Renault believes the updated version of the electric City K-ZE could be perfect for ride sharing in European markets.

New Renault Zoe Tries To Shatter Range Anxiety In Funny Ad

With a range of 245 miles, the Zoe is good enough for most occasions, but even if you need to top it up, it won’t take long.

Renault Posts Disappointing Third-Quarter Results, Global Sales Down 4.4 Percent

The slowing global market, declining diesel engine demand, and a drop in production at partners Nissan and Daimler are to blame.

Renault F1 Disqualified From Japanese Grand Prix Results

The FIA says Renault breached the series’ Sporting Regulations by using driver aids that are prohibited by regulations.

Trump Thinks Renault Is Still Shipping Cars To The U.S.

In reality, Renault hasn’t been active in the U.S. market for 30 years.

Hydrogen-Powered Kangoo Z.E. And Master Z.E. Join Renault’s LCV Lineup

The fuel-cell Kangoo will launch before the end of the year, followed by the Master in 2020.

French Government Is OK With A Non-French Renault CEO

Renault CEO Thierry Bollore was ousted last week and replaced with Clotilde Delbos on an interim basis as they keep searching for the best person for the job.

Dacia Duster Was EU’s Second Best-Selling Car In August Behind The VW Golf – See How The Rest Fared

The Sandero took fourth place, giving Dacia two models in the EU’s top 5 best sellers – quite an achievement given the brand’s somewhat limited range.

This Is What The Renault Zoe RS Electric Hot Hatch Could Look Like

The Zoe RS, whose viability is under consideration by Renault, could feature dual electric motors and deliver over 200 HP.