Take A Tour Around The Ares Panther, A Modern Take On De Tomaso’s Pantera

The Huracan-based coachbuilt supercar makes angry V10 noises too.

Ares Panther Spyder Confirmed By Company Chief Dany Bahar

Production of both the Coupe and Spyder will be limited to 70 units, with a 12-15 annual rate of construction.

Ares Design Panther Resurrects De Tomaso Pantera As 641HP Coachbuilt Huracan

Ares Design’s Panther Project 1 hides a Lamborghini Huracan under the stunning retro-styled carbon body.

Ares Design Will Be Making A Tesla Roadster Too – Model S, That Is

The coachbuilding expert will convert a Tesla Model S into a two-door, two-seat Roadster.

Ares Design’s Project Wami Envisions A Neo-Retro Maserati Spyder

We can’t help but wonder what Dany Bahar and the team at Ares Design have in store for this retro roadster.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Turned Into A Modern-Day 412 By Ares Design

This coachbuilt Ferrari looks quite impressive, but costs more than twice the price of a new GTC4Lusso.

Ares Design To Revive The Ferrari 250 GTO With A Custom Creation

Ares Design’s modern take on the Ferrari 250 GTO uses either F12 or 812 Superfast underpinnings.

Ares Design-Coachbuilt Bentley Mulsanne Coupe Arrives In America

The ultra-exclusive model carries a price tag of nearly $460,000, excluding the price of the Mulsanne sedan donor car.

ARES Design Begins Testing The Panther, A Modern Day Take On The De Tomaso Pantera

The 650 hp Panther is based on the Lamborghini Huracan.

We Drive Ares Design’s Defender: A Half Beauty, Half Beast Coachbuilt Land Rover

The classic Defender gets a thorough overhaul and, for the most part, it’s pretty darn good.

Driven: Ares Design Porsche 911 GT3 Targa Is A Masterstroke

This bespoke creation comes very close to combining the best of both worlds.

Ares Design Restomods The Original C2 Corvette Stingray With LS3 V8 Power

Want an original C2 Corvette Stingray, but with the benefits of modern…