2020 Audi Q2 L E-Tron Will Be The Company’s Smallest Electric SUV But Only For China

Audi’s new Q2 L E-Tron will be the “first electric car tailored for Chinese customers”.

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New Q2 L E-Tron Is Audi’s Electric SUV For China’s Masses

The upcoming electric crossover has been designed to suit Chinese tastes.

Audi Q2 E-Tron Electric Crossover Spotted For The First Time

Rumored to be based on China’s Q2 L long-wheelbase model, the Q2 e-tron’s worldwide availability is uncertain.

Audi Puts Partial Matting Into Mass Production With The Q2 #2 Special Edition

The new painting process allows lettering, logos or even photos to be imprinted on painted sheet metal

Audi Offers More Q2 To Chinese Customers With The Slightly Longer Q2 L

The China-exclusive SUV adopts a slightly longer wheelbase to bring increased comfort and space for rear-seat passengers.

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New models by BMW, Volvo and Jaguar have helped increase European sales in this segment.

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It goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

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Discreet is a heavy word to describe the work that has went into this Audi Q2.

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