BMW Motorrad’s New 1.8L “Big Boxer” Engine Looks Like A Star Wars Fighter

The production 90 HP 1.8L twin-cylinder unit is the largest of its kind and will debut in BMW’s R18 bike.

BMW 328 100th Anniversary Hommage Is A Sharp Speedster That Will Never Be

The BMW 328 100th Anniversary Hommage could rival the likes of the Ferrari Monza SP1.

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The grille of the BMW Concept 4 has caused a huge amount of controversy about its design – and for very good reason.

Does BMW’s Concept 4 Looks Better With An 8-Series Grille?

The BMW Concept 4 previews the looks of the new M3 and M4, but not everyone warmed up to that kidney grille.

Op-Ed: In Defense Of The New BMW 4-Series’ Gaping Grille

Everyone (including us) was upset about the new 4-Series nose; however, there’s a sound reasoning behind this, seemingly odd, stylistic choice.

BMW Rides Into Frankfurt With Bevy Of Bikes, Including Electric Vision DC Roadster Concept

BMW’s Vision DC Roadster is a futuristic concept powered by a cylinder-shaped electric motor.

We’ve Seen The Future Of BMW’s M Cars Thanks To The Vision M Next Concept, And It’s Great

New technologies like electrification and autonomous driving will bring the M Division up to speed, both figuratively and literally .

BMW’s Fuel Cell X5 Previewed By i Next Hydrogen Featuring Tech Jointly Developed With Toyota

The technology is being developed in collaboration with Toyota, and the hydrogen-powered X5 is set to launch in 2022.

BMW Concept 4: Chris Bangle Come Back, All Is Forgiven

The BMW Concept 4 has a sleek and appealing design, but that coffin-style supersized grille is hard to swallow.

BMW Confirms New X6, M8, 8-Series Gran Coupe, Vision M Next Concept For Frankfurt

The German car maker will display an armada of new models on the show that take place on its home soil.

Next BMW 4-Series To Be Previewed By Concept At Frankfurt Auto Show

The new BMW 4-Series will probably be revealed in production guise in early 2020.

BMW 7-Series: What If The Next Gen Was Inspired By The E38?

No other BMW 7-Series has elicited the same enduring passion as the E38 generation.