Honda Civic Type R Vs. BMW M2 Competition In Track Battle

The Civic Type R is faster than the M2 Competition on the Nürburgring but what about on this track?.

BMW M Won’t Give Up On RWD Or Manual Transmissions, CSL Might Make A Comeback

The 1-Series, X2 and Z4 won’t get the M treatment and the CSL could replace the GTS.

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Forget the BMW i3, the M2 Coupe is here to protect and drift.

BMW M2 Competition Heritage Edition Honors The Iconic 2002 Turbo

A France-only affair, the BMW M2 Competition Heritage Edition is limited to 40 units.

BMW’s Upcoming M2 CS Looks And Sounds As Mean As It Should

The hardcore M2 CS will reportedly pump out 445 hp from its tweaked twin-turbo inline-six.

G-Power’s BMW M2 Competition Is A Beast: 670 HP, 205 Mph, 0-62 Mph In 3.2 Sec,

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How Does The BMW M2 Competition Perform Against Its M4 Sibling?

The BMW M2 Competition uses a de-tuned engine from the regular BMW M4.

BMW M2 CS / CSL: Here’s A Closer Look At The Prototype

Whether it’s named the CS or CSL, the hardcore M2 will have more power and less weight than the Competition.

BMW Is Allegedly Working On An M2 ‘Track Cup’ With 470 HP

Even if it gets the green light, the track-onlyu M2 probably won’t be launched until 2021.

BMW Source Claims M2 CS Coming With 445 HP And 6-Speed Manual

The small BMW M2 is about to become more powerful than the M3 and M4.

2020 BMW M340i vs 2019 M2 Competition: Fastest 3-Series Goes After Baby M

Can the 2020 BMW M340i beat an M2 Competition on the straight? Place your bets, please.