Bollinger Could Sell Its Electric Truck With These Wrangler-Esque Mods

Bollinger will start delivering its all-electric SUV and pickup truck models next year.

Bollinger’s New B2 Pickup Has An Electric Powertrain With 520 HP

The Bollinger B2 will be able to travel approximately 200 miles on a single charge.

Bollinger B1 4-Door Electric SUV Teased With Removable Glass Roof

The American electric start-up’s Land Rover-ish B1 is on its way to production.

Bollinger B1 Gets Front Intakes And Vents, Is Still As Slippery As A Brick

The nose job is supposed to make the all-electric SUV slice through the air more efficiently .

Bollinger B1 All-Electric SUV Drops By LA Auto Show

If your idea of an off-roader is something utilitarian and rugged-looking, and…