GM Says Its EVs Will Cost The Same As Its ICE-Powered Models

Right now, The General loses money on each Bolt it sells. It is confident, though, that this will change soon.

One Of GM’s Autonomous Prototypes Reportedly Failed During Demo For Honda’s CEO

The car’s software reportedly stopped working and a safety driver had to intervene.

GM And Michelin Testing Airless Tires, Could Offer Them On Vehicles In 2024

Airless tires offer a number of benefits as they can’t go flat or suffer a blowout.

2021 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Is A Bolt EV Wrapped As A Crossover

These are the first spy shots of the Chevrolet Bolt EV-based crossover that could be called Bolt EUV.

Is GM Readying An Electric Crossover Dubbed The Bolt EUV?

General Motors has already confirmed that it will build a Bold-based new EV at its Orion Assembly plant in Michigan.

Chevrolet Doesn’t Drop Bolt’s Prices Despite Federal Tax Credit Cut In Half

The General believes working with dealers and boosting marketing is a better option than reducing the Bolt’s MSRP.

GM’s $300 Million Orion Plant Investment To Spawn New Chevy EV, 400 Jobs

The new electric vehicle will be built on an advanced version of the Bolt EV’s existing platform.

Kia Niro EV Vs. Rivals: See How Entry-Level Battery Electrics Stack Up

The entry-level electric vehicle segment is booming, so we compare five new and upcoming models.

Cold Weather Can Almost Halve Battery Electrics’ Max Range

Of the five EVs tested, the BMW i3s had the biggest range drops at both low and high temperatures.

GM Partners With Three Companies To Create Largest EV Charging Network In US

Thanks to new agreements, Chevrolet Bolt owners can expect easy access to more than 31,000 charging ports.

The Best American Cars, SUVs And Trucks In Consumer Reports’ Rankings

Consumer Reports has complied a list of the best American vehicles and GM wins bragging rights for having the most winners.

GM Sells 200,000th EV, Tax Credit To Drop To $3,750 In April

If you’re in the market for a Chevrolet Bolt, you’d better act fast.