Mini Design Boss Says The Brand’s Future Models Will Remain Emotional

While future Mini models may be all-electric and drive themselves, the company wants to retain its distinctive design language.

Ex-Lamborghini Chief Designer Filippo Perini Moves To Genesis

Before moving to Genesis, Perini worked at Italdesign, Lamborghini, Audi and Alfa Romeo as head of design.

Kia Signs Ex-Infiniti Head Designer Karim Habib

From his new position, Karim Habib will help determine Kia’s future design strategy.

Karim Habib Leaves Infiniti, Nissan’s Nakamura Replaces Him As Design Chief

According to Infiniti, Karim Habib left the company “to pursue other opportunities”.

2020 Corvette C8 Will Debut As A Stingray, Check Out Its New Logos

Chevrolet hasn’t changed just the position of the engine in the new ‘Vette; the logos and lettering are new too.

James Glickenhaus Calls Out De Tomaso For Copying The Ferrari P4/5 [Update: De Tomaso Responds]

Glickenhaus also suggested the interior design was stolen from Pagani.

Ford Europe Talks New Puma Design, And We’re All Eyes – And Ears

Ford designers explain how the Puma came to be and what makes it stand out in the subcompact SUV segment.

Audi TT, Seat Leon Designer Lands Top Job At Mitsubishi Europe

From now on, Jorge Diez will head the Mitsubishi Motors Europe Design (MMED) studio near Frankfurt, Germany.

Ex Lincoln Chief Designer Joins Nissan Design America As VP

David Woodhouse will lead the Nissan and Infiniti design studio in North America.

Lincoln Design Boss David Woodhouse Resigns Abruptly

The British designer did not reveal the reason for his departure or plans for his professional future.

The 2002 Skoda Tudor Concept Was So Cool Someone Actually Stole It

Fortunately, the Skoda Tudor was retrieved several months later and put back where it belonged: the Skoda Museum.

Porsche Taycan Looks Electrifying In New Official Sketches

These latest Porsche Taycan sketches from the design studio in Weissach will make reservation holders ecstatic.