Sideways Master Dean Kearney Drifts 1,350 HP Viper – In The Rain!

Even a stock Viper is notoriously difficult to manage, so we can only imagine how skilled one must be to accomplish such a feat.

1350 HP Dodge Viper Drift Car Is Even More Bonkers Than You’d Expect

This Dodge Viper is thought to be the most powerful professional drift car in the world.

1992 Dodge Viper With 34 Miles Stored As New In Garage For 27 Years!

The car has just 34 miles on the clock and was stored in a climate controlled garage.

Drool Over Dozens Of Classic JDM, Euro Rides Auctioned Off At Tokyo Auto Salon

They range from classic Ferrari and Mercedes models to race cars, and multiple Skylines.

Real-Life Bravado Banshee Is Looking For Another Owner, Again

Paying $63,000 for a 12-year old Viper inspired by the GTA Bravado Banshee seems rather steep, doesn’t it?.

Dodge Viper Is Dead, But It Would Look Nice As A Shooting Brake

Even though it was discontinued at the end of 2017, the Viper remains an icon that inspires designers.

Viper Blows Engine, Erupts In Flames And Hits Wall During Drag Race

After blowing the engine and dumping oil on the road, this Viper became impossible to control.

Chrysler Explored A Mid-Engine Dodge Viper In The 1990’s

The car never reached production, but it helped to spawn the 2005 Ford GT.

You Can Win A Dodge Viper ACR By Buying Tickets For Charity

You might end up with the best Viper ever for small change, but even if you don’t, your money will go to a good cause.

FCA Boss Suggests Time’s Running Out For 300, Journey And Grand Caravan

Dodge’s focus on performance will likely result in the death of at least two models.

Dodge Demon, Viper GTS And Corvette C6 ZR1 Go To Battle In Forza 7

If you can’t have a drag race in real life, the next best thing is to see what they’ll do on a driving simulator.

Final Dodge Viper And Challenger SRT Demon Sell For $1 Million

Despite bring in a million dollars, the cars were a bit of bargain compared to the first Challenger Hellcat.