Toyota Could Kill Off Some U.S. Models If Trump Enforces Tariffs

Depending on Trump’s decision, some might be produced locally while others could be withdrawn.

Volvo Evades Trump’s Tariffs By Moving SUV Production From China To Europe

Volvo could sell over 600,000 vehicles this year.

Trump Tariffs Could Impact Citroen, Peugeot Or DS Brands’ Return To The U.S.

PSA Group wants to return to the United States by 2026.

EU Getting Ready To Retaliate Over Car Tariffs Before Meeting With Trump

The European Union will have a list of American goods ready to be targeted ahead of next week’s talks.

FIA Stops Driver From Racing With Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Stickers

A Haas junior driver wanted to run with Trump’s election slogan on his car, but the FIA disagreed .

Tesla And BMW Get Around Trump’s Trade War With New Chinese Investments

BMW and China have found a way to avoid the full cost of tariffs from China.

France Says Tariff War With U.S. Has Started, E.U. Will Respond To Attacks

If President Trump goes ahead with his threats, the E.U, will react in a coordinated manner.

Angela Merkel Would Support Reduced EU Tariffs On U.S. Cars

President Trump may drop his tariff threats if the EU makes concessions.

BMW And Hyundai The Latest To Condemn Trump’s Proposed Tariffs

Trump tariffs threatens local jobs, BMW and Hyundai claim.

GM Warns Trump’s Tariffs Will Force Job Cuts, Hurt Competitiveness

General Motors has joined a number of carmakers expressing concern about the proposed tariffs.

Mazda Condemns Trump’s Proposed 25 Percent Import Car Tariff

Mazda warns that Trump’s tariffs will increase the prices of all cars sold in the U.S..

Price Of The US-Made Toyota Camry Could Rise By $1,800 Due To New Tariffs

Toyota says they’re no threat to national security and already employ more than 137,000 Americans.