Trump Administration Might Not Impose Tariffs On European Car Imports After All

In May, the White House agreed to delay new tariffs on EU vehicle and parts imports for six months.

Trump Administration Reportedly Wants To Dictate Where Cars Are Made Under USMCA

The White House wants decision power on where automakers build cars and parts in North America.

GM, FCA, Toyota, Hyundai Back Trump Administration In Denying California Its Own Emissions Rules

Other carmakers such as Ford, VW and Honda are fine with California setting its own fuel efficiency regulations.

Japan’s Car Industry Is Getting Hit By U.S.-China Trade War

Despite the two countries having reached a recent agreement, the tension between U.S. and China is affecting other countries as well.

Trump Thinks Renault Is Still Shipping Cars To The U.S.

In reality, Renault hasn’t been active in the U.S. market for 30 years.

Japan-U.S. Reach Trade Deal With Assurances Autos Won’t Be Hit With New Tariffs

President Trump threatened Japan with auto tariffs after car imports were deemed a national security threat, but eventually did not go through with it.

EPA Says California Has Worst Air Quality In U.S., Threatens To Pull Road Funding

The U.S. government could pull billions of road funding from California if it doesn’t comply with its emissions standards.

California And 22 Other States Sue U.S. Government Over Auto Emissions Standards

The war between the Trump administration, who revoked states’ rights to set their own standards, and state officials is escalating.

EPA Revokes California’s Emissions Waiver, Launches “One National Program Rule”

States will now longer be able to set their own fuel economy and emission standards.

New U.S.-Japan Trade Deal Won’t Slap Imported Cars With Higher Tariffs

The new between the U.S. and Japan could be announced as soon as next week after President Trump’s and Prime Minister Abe’s meeting.

Trump Set To Revoke California’s Ability To Determine Its Own Emissions Standards

Over a dozen states in the U.S. follow California’s emission standards, and already members of the Congress have vowed to block the POTUS’ move.

Man Arrested For Doing Donuts On Trump’s New Jersey Golf Course

Authorities say Richard McEwan caused more than $17,000 in damage to the golf course.