US Government Shutdown Could Threaten New Vehicle Launches

Among the models that could be impacted are the Ram 3500, Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator.

Trump Could Soon Impose New 25 Per Cent Tariffs On Imported Cars

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers claims that this will raise their price by an average of $6,000.

GM’s Slammed Again By Donald Trump Who Says EVs “Won’t Work”

The U.S. President also said the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico would make it “very uncomfortable” for GM to build vehicles outside the U.S..

China Suspends Additional Tariffs On US-Made Vehicles For 3 Months

China will revert its 40 percent tariff on US-made vehicles back to 15 percent, as part of the 90-day truce in the trade war with USA.

China Could Cut Tariffs On U.S.-Made Vehicles

Shares in carmakers increased following the news of potential tariffs cuts in China.

White House Acknowledges There’s No Deal Yet To Roll Back Chinese Auto Tariffs

US government officials now admit that there’s no deal yet with China .

White House Expects China To Nix Tariffs On US-Made Cars – But Nothing’s On Paper

USA and China have agreed to a 90-day ceasefire while they negotiate a new trade deal .

Trump Administration Wants To Eliminate $7,500 EV Tax Credit

The move was originally intended to punish General Motors, but it wouldn’t have much effect on the automaker.

Trump Says GM Is “Playing With The Wrong Person, Better Damn Well Open A New Plant” In Ohio

The POTUS got very angry over the plant closures and openly threatened General Motors.

GM Says Its Committed To American Manufacturing As Trump Threatens To Cut Off Subsidies

President Trump slammed GM for idling four US plants while keeping others open in China and Mexico.

Donald Trump Holding Off On Auto Tariffs – For Now…

Trump will await the findings of a report about imports’ impact on national security before making a decision.

California To Talk With White House, EPA Over Fuel Economy Standards

Trump’s rollback stipulates a corporate average fuel economy rating of 37 mpg – a far cry from Obama’s 54.5 mpg .