Donald Trump Holding Off On Auto Tariffs – For Now…

Trump will await the findings of a report about imports’ impact on national security before making a decision.

California To Talk With White House, EPA Over Fuel Economy Standards

Trump’s rollback stipulates a corporate average fuel economy rating of 37 mpg – a far cry from Obama’s 54.5 mpg .

GM Wants A Nationwide EV Sales Program That’s Opposing Trump’s Plans

The General wants the adoption of California’s strict rules, while the Administration intends to introduce more lax standards.

Kanye West Tells Trump That Ford Should Make The “Dopest Cars”

Kanye West also showed President Trump a rendering of a hydrogen airplane.

Here’s How Trump’s New NAFTA Deal With Canada And Mexico, USMCA, Will Affect Cars

The USMCA deal between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico will have a big affect on the car industry.

Ford Says Trump’s Metal Tariffs Have Already Cost It $1 Billion In Profit

President Donald Trump’s metal tariffs have rubbed Ford the wrong way.

California Defies Trump Administration, Sticks With Obama-Era Fuel Economy Standards

The move would mean 13 states would have tougher fuel economy standards than the ones imposed by federal government.

Trump Wants More U.S. Cars Sold In Japan, But Buyers Are Shunning Them

American cars make up just 0.3 percent of new car sales in Japan.

Trump’s New Presidential Limo Spotted On The Streets Of New York

Despite looking a stretched Cadillac CT6, the limo is based on a truck platform and is heavily armored.

Sorry Trump, Ford Won’t Move Focus Active Production From China To U.S.

Ford has opted against selling the Focus Active in the U.S. .

Trump Rejects EU Offer For Zero Tariffs, Claims The Union Is Like China, Only Smaller

The EU is willing to bring all tariffs to zero if the U.S. does the same, but Trump isn’t satisfied.

US And Mexico Reach New Deal Over NAFTA, Trump Threatens Canada With Auto Tariffs

The White House says the agreement “supports high-paying jobs for American workers”.