Volvo CEO Says Potential U.S.-Europe Trade War Is “Worrying”

Volvo is concerned despite plans to start building 150,000 vehicles annually in the U.S..

Japanese Automakers Disappointed Trump Deems Them A National Security Threat

President Donald Trump says foreign-made cars have threatened national security since the 1980s.

Trump Declares Auto And Part Imports National Security Threat, Appears To Seek Quotas

President Trump is seeking to reduce automotive imports from Japan and the European Union.

Trump Was Right: GM Confirms Talks With EV Maker Workhorse For Lordstown Plant Sale

General Motors confirmed discussions with Workhorse Group which said it plans to build a commercial electric pickup at Lordstown.

Trump Says GM Selling Lordstown Plant To EV Maker Workhorse, Investing $700 Million In Ohio

It would make sense for Workhorse Group to build the W-15 plug-in hybrid truck in Lordstown.

Trump Might Impose Tariffs On Car Imports From Mexico If Gov Doesn’t Stop Immigration, Drug Flow

Trump brought up tariffs as a threat unless Mexico does more to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

This Is How President Donald Trump’s Motorcade Rolls

When the President has somewhere to go, the Secret Service makes sure he gets there real fast.

U.S. Auto Industry Will Practically Shut Down If Trump Closes US-Mexico Border

Roughly 70 percent of all wiring harnesses used by U.S.-built vehicles come from Mexico – and you can’t build a car without one.

Trump An Autonomous Vehicle Skeptic, Reportedly Says They’ll “Never Work”

A new report claims President Trump believes autonomous vehicles are “crazy” and said he would never ride in one.

Trump Wants GM To Either Reopen Or Sell Its Ohio Plant NOW

Donald Trump urged GM CEO to close a factory in China or Mexico in order to keep the Lordstown one operational.

Trump’s 2020 Budget Calls For The Elimination Of EV Tax Credit

The new budget aims to reduce spending and the EV tax credit is on the line.

Talks Over Fuel Economy Standards Break Down In The U.S.

California and 12 other states are refusing to adopt Trump’s fuel economy standards.