Ferrari Issues Two Recalls For 300 Cars In Australia Over Fire And Airbag Issues

Cars affected include the Ferrari 458, 488, GTC4Lusso, F12, California T, 488 Pista and 812 Superfast.

Watch Jay Kay’s Ferrari GTC4Lusso Being Painted Purple

Jamiroquai’s lead singer got bored for his grey GTC4Lusso, so he had it painted purple.

Top Gear Hoons Around In A Porsche Panamera And Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Although Harris is clearly more skilled than LeBlanc, he couldn’t make up for the superiority of the Ferrari.

We Think This Light Brown Ferrari GTC4Lusso Looks Fab – What Say You?

This Ferrari GTC4Lusso’s unusual paint job is inspired by the 1953 250 Europa Vignale Coupe.

Ferrari Recalls Cars Over Fire Risk, Including Multi-Million Dollar LaFerrari Aperta

A faulty fuel vapor separator on a number of Ferraris may crack and allow fuel fumes to leak.

This Ferrari GTC4Lusso Driver Is Just Like All Of Us

Don’t tell us you wouldn’t do the same with a Ferrari GTC4Lusso.

Top Gear’s Late Braking Challenge Is A True Butt-Clenching Moment

Top Gear teases some more of the upcoming season, which airs on February 17.

Is This Ferrari GTC4 Mule Hiding The Purosangue SUV Underneath?

Captured running around the factory in Maranello is what appears to be a developmental test mule for the forthcoming Ferrari Purosangue crossover.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Turned Into A Modern-Day 412 By Ares Design

This coachbuilt Ferrari looks quite impressive, but costs more than twice the price of a new GTC4Lusso.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Welcomes Novitec Exhaust System, Even Wilder Soundtrack

The Italian super GT is equipped with an aftermarket exhaust system, and it sounds better than the already impressive stock item.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Is So Good, It Might Sway You Away From Its V12 Sibling

Ditching the twelve-cylinder and all-wheel drive didn’t tarnish the GTC4 Lusso’s appeal one bit.

Wheelsandmore’s Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Packs More Grunt Than The V12

The V8-powered GTC4Lusso T puts out 715PS with the Stage 2 ECU tuning.