Three Naked Women Lead Police On High-Speed Chase In Florida

The three women were caught naked in public by someone who called 911.

Woman Crashes Lexus Through Cables And Gets Stuck Dangling Over Parking Garage

Luckily, the crossover got stuck and this prevented it from plummeting to the ground.

Florida: Go Home BMW X5, You’re Drunk

Some things just can’t be explained, such as why this BMW X5 in Florida went into a massive slide.

Man Goes To Pick Up Chrysler From Service, Dealer Tells Him It Vanished

The 2004 Chrysler Sebring was apparently stolen without anyone noticing.

Con Man Turns $5 Into Four Luxury Vehicles Worth $200,000 Using Bad Checks

The con man ‘bought’a Range Rover, an Infiniti and two different Mercedes models.

Florida Driver Saved Moments From Drowning In Overturned Car Sinking In Mud

There’s a very thin line between life and death and a 20-year-old woman luckily escaped unharmed.

Florida Highway Patrolman Pushes Witness Out Of The Way Of Oncoming Audi, Gets Sent Airborne

Despite the nasty crash, the trooper is reportedly in good condition.

Dashcam Footage Clears Man Wanted In Fatal Road Rage Crash

Witnesses claimed the Ford Mustang was hit by another car which led to a fatal accident.

Fight Over Car Leads To Man Stuck On Hood Of Mercedes Traveling 70 MPH

Relationships are complicated but don’t drive off with your ex-boyfriend on the hood.

Miami City Officials Give F1 Proposal The Green Light

Plans to host a Formula One grand prix in Miami are moving ahead after the city council voted in favor of the proposal.

Florida Man Arrested After Handing Dashcam Footage Over To Cops

Xavier Moran tried to show he wasn’t at fault for an accident but gave police evidence of another crime.

Four Hertz Mustangs Going Up For Auction Next Month

If you’re a fan of Hertz Mustangs, you might want to head…