Meet The Lexus QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer Jet From The New Men In Black Movie

The Lexus Jet is actually a 2020 RC F coupe with the ability to take to the sky.

BMW Designworks Helped To Create This Sleek, Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft

The Skai can travel up to 400 miles at speeds up to 118 mph.

German Air Taxi Completes First Test Flight Successfully

The Lilium Jet air taxi is powered by 36 electric jet wing engines and will be ready by 2025.

PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition Flying Car Will Set You Back $599,000

Only 90 units will be made and they will be delivered ahead of standard Liberty models.

Boeing’s Autonomous Flying Car Makes Maiden Voyage For 60 Seconds

The prototype flying car from Boeing completed a controlled take off, hover and landing, all by itself.

Flying Car Unexpectedly Goes Airborne During Test, Crashes To The Ground

The flying car appears to have suffered significant damage and the pilot’s condition remains unknown.

Audi, AirBus And Italdesign’s Pop.Up Flying Taxi Concept Takes Off For The First Time

For the first time, the 1:4 scale model proved it can fly and drive.

GM Sells Hundreds Of Thousands Of Trucks, But Isn’t Interested In Building An EV Pickup

While an EV pickup appears to be a no-go, GM’s tech could land in a flying car.

Inventor Creates A Human Sized Drone As A Flying Sports Car

Could your car be one day replaced by a massive drone?.

Terrafugia Begins Accepting Orders For World’s First Flying Car

Terrafugia has yet to publicly reveal how much the Transition will cost.

Toyota Files Patent For Flying Car With A Weird Wheel Operation

Arms extend upwards, the wheels turn and rotors hidden in them start to spin, providing the necessary lift .

Former Manor F1 Owner Looking To Build Flying Taxis For The UK

The energy entrepreneur and former Formula 1 racing team owner wants to apply F1 racing knowledge to build flying car.