Mercedes X-Class Vs Rivals Is A Pointless, Yet Amusing Drag Race

You don’t buy a pickup truck for drag racing but it’s always good to know which one is the fastest.

2019 Ford Ranger 2WD Is More Economical Than All Gas-Powered Rivals

A leaked window sticker reveals the fuel economy ratings of the midsize truck in 2WD guise.

2022 Volkswagen Amarok: Envisaging A Ford Ranger-Based Truck For America And Beyond

VW is thinking about making a pickup in partnership with Ford for the U.S. .

2019 Ford Ranger Yakima Accessories Are For Outdoor Enthusiasts

All accessories will be sold through Ford dealerships and are eligible for financing.

Ford’s Ranger Storm Concept Would Make An Awesome Budget Version Of The Ranger Raptor

The Ranger Storm concept has Raptor-like looks, but features a less powerful diesel engine.

2019 Ford Ranger Lands At SEMA, Ahead Of Next Year’s Launch

Ford has high hopes for the Ranger and the company is looking to make a big splash at SEMA with seven customized versions of the truck.

Ford Says Ranger Won’t Take A Bite Out Of F-150 Sales

The Ranger pickup truck is set to return to North American showrooms early next year.

2019 Ford Ranger Goes Into Production In Michigan, Arrives At Dealers Early Next Year

The 2019 Ranger starts at $24,300 and has a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine.

Ford Reportedly Confirms The Ranger Raptor Won’t Come To America

Ford says it would take too long and cost to much money to make the Ranger Raptor comply with US regulations.

These Are All The Accessories You Can Order For The 2019 Ford Ranger

Customers of the new Ranger will be able to choose between no less than 75 items.

2019 Ford Ranger EcoBoost Claimed To Have Best-In-Class Towing Prowess

The 2019 Ranger features a 2.3-liter turbocharged petrol unit with 270 HP and 310 lb-ft of torque.

Ford And VW Partnership Talks Heat Up, VW Might Get Its Own Version Of The Ranger

Ford wants to cut costs and might hook up with Volkswagen to achieve its goals.