Check Out All The Cars That Won’t Be With Us In 2019

Ford and General Motors dominate the list as they’re dropping sedans due to shifting consumer preferences.

Ford Drops Ads For Sedans In The U.S. As It Transitions To An SUV-Heavy Lineup

The Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Taurus are still on sale, but Ford’s dealers will have to sell the remaining units without help from advertising campaigns.

Buyers Hold Onto The Chevrolet Corvette And Ford Expedition The Longest

The average new car buyer holds onto their vehicle for about 7.4 years.

The Top Ten Most American-Made Vehicles Include Four From Honda

Japanese automaker Honda is making America great again.

In The Market For A Used Car? Check Out The Models With The Highest Depreciation

Gently used cars offer a lot of bang for the buck especially if you shop for models with high depreciation.

Ford’s Unmarked Police Cars Could Get A Whole Lot Harder To Spot With Patented Concealed LEDs

Spotting an unmarked police cruiser could get a lot more difficult if Ford puts this patented technology into place.

Ford Is Right: Why Phasing Out Its Cars From The US Makes Sense

U.S. buyers are flocking to SUVs and are ditching saloons and hatchbacks, so Ford has a point.

Ford Execs Shed More Light On Why They’re Killing Their Cars

At the end of the day, it’s all about the money for Ford turning its attention almost exclusively to SUVs and trucks.

Here’s When Ford Will Cease Production Of Its U.S. Lineup Of Cars

Expect everything besides SUVs to be phased out by the summer of 2019.

Blue Oval Bloodbath: Ford Killing All Sedans In North America

Ford’s only cars in North America will be the Mustang and Focus Active.

Chevrolet Sonic And Impala Could Be Dropped

Ford could also drop the Fiesta and Taurus in the United States.

Conan O’Brien Still Has His 1992 Ford Taurus SHO

The Late Night host may be making fun of Ford;s old performance sedan, but he has kept it for a very long time.