Porsche Taycan Demonstrates Its Speed At NYC Formula E Course

The Taycan made its third and final stop in the company’s Triple Demo Run at the Big Apple.

Mercedes-Benz Concludes First Tests Of Silver Arrow 01 Formula E Racer

Like Porsche, Mercedes will compete in the all-electric open-wheel series for the first time.

BMW Makes i8 Roadster A Speedster For Formula E’s New Safety Car

In doing so, BMW also created the world’s fist safety car that is totally topless .

Bernie Ecclestone Says Formula E Will Grow At The Expense Of Formula 1

Ecclestone was once an outspoken critic of Formula E – but, for some reason, seems to have changed his mind.

Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow 01 Is The Brand’s First Electric Race Car

Mercedes becomes the first automaker to compete in Formula 1 and Formula E.

Pininfarina Bringing Three Battista Electric Hypercars To Geneva

The 1,900 HP electric hypercar will be unveiled on March 4th.

Formula E’s BMW i8 Safety Car Has Us Wishing For An i8 M

Like previous years, the i8 acts as the electric series safety cars and has been fitter with a new livery.

Scuderia Ferrari Formula E Render Looks Like It’s Ready To Race

Even the late Sergio Marchionne felt as though Ferrari shouldn’t miss out on racing in Formula E.

Nissan Juke Turned Into A Snowmobile For Tokyo Auto Salon

The concept is called the Juke Nismo RSnow and will be joined by other custom creations at the event that kicks off on January 11, 2019.

Formula E Tech Will Take Years To Reach Production Cars, Says Audi

The upcoming Formula E season will feature more automakers on the starting grid than ever before.

DS Techeetah Shows Off New E-TENSE FE19 Formula E Car

Formula E’s fifth season is about to commence this Saturday on December 15.

Just How Much Faster Is The New Formula E Racer Than The Old One?

The first- and new second-generation electric racing cars undertook a series of challenges to showcase the improvements in store for the season ahead.