BMW M760Li By G-Power Hits 62 MPH In 3.4 Seconds, Tops Out At 193 MPH

G-Power has updated the engine software in the M760Li without affecting reliability – or so they say.

G-Power BMW M5 Hits The Dyno, Makes In Excess Of 800 Horses

This tuned BMW M5 F90 is no longer a super saloon, but a hyper four-door model.

This Is One Flashy And Very Loud BMW X6 M – And It Packs 690 HP

You might not like the paint job, but you’ll definitely love the extra oomph courtesy of the tuned V8.

G-Power’s BMW M6 Coupe Has 800 PS And M4 GTS-Like Looks

The German sports coupe has more grunt than a modern supercar, although it does come at a steep price.

G-Power’s 789HP Mercedes-AMG C63 S Will Shoot To 62MPH / 100KPH In 3.4 Sec

Here’s hoping customers can order the extensive mechanical upgrades without the camouflage-style body wrap.

Tuned 600 PS BMW M550i Is Supposed To Be Faster Than The M5

According to the tuner, the souped-up sedan beats the M5 to 62 mph by 0.2 seconds .

G-Power’s BMW X5 Typhoon Wide Body Kit Matches Looks With Muscle

The visual work suits both the F15 and F85 versions of the German SUV, and is joined by power upgrades.

G-Power Will Tune Your BMW M4 To 670 HP In Exchange For $21k

This upgrade costs about as much as a new supermini, but the tuner will work on your BMW M4 for way less, too.

BMW M140i Gets G-Powered Up To 440 Horses

That’s BMW M3 and M4 levels of power.

New BMW M5 Gets Up To 800 Horses From G-Power, Drops 0-100km/h To 2.9s

The German tuner says that with the extra muscle, the BMW M5 goes to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and up to 335 km/h.

Who Needs An 800HP Merc Estate? Nobody – And That’s Why We Like It

G-Power has come to the rescue to those who feel a standard E63 S isn’t enough.

G-Power Pumps More Muscle Into Mercedes-AMG C63 S

This C63 has 600PS to play with, but the tuner can add as much as 800PS, for the right price.